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▉ Microsoft HealthVault Certification

Allion is pleased to announce that we are certified by Microsoft as one of the Independent Test Labs (ITL) to run the HealthVault Certification Program. The "Works with Microsoft HealthVault logo" helps give consumers confidence that a device is compatible with HealthVault, and associates the device with a premium, trouble-free experience. Allion is able to provide the required verification supports to ensure that your product's quality and usability are in conformance to the standards defined by HealthVault test specification.



About HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault is a health application platform, a set of platform services, and a catalyst for creating an application ecosystem that lets consumers collect, store, and share health information online. The HealthVault platform provides a privacy-enhanced and security-enhanced foundation that can be used to store and transfer information between a variety of providers’ health services and health devices.

With HealthVault, users control their own health records, so they can share their health information with family, friends, and health care professionals, and have access to trustworthy online health management applications.

Extensions Related Tests

Windows logo測試方案
As the experienced WHQL testing center, Allion can assist you with both WHQL pre-testing services and navigation of the WHQL process, Allion is your top alternative for getting "Windows Logo Program" certified.  See WHQL Test Program
USB-IF Compliance Program
Allion has been authorized by the USB-IF Organization as one of the USB-IF Compliance Program test labs. We, with professional team and test environment, are able to provide all clients with a convenient, efficient, and cost effective alternative while ensuring that your products are compliant with the USB-IF specification with the rights to use USB Logo. See detailed information about USB-IF Logo Compliance Program.
Bluetooth Qualification Service & BQE Support

Pre-Qualification Test
With comprehensive experiences and expertise, Allion is able to perform verification test helping you to assure if your device is designed in conformance to the Bluetooth compliance program.

Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE) Support
A Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE) is an individual recognized by the Bluetooth SIG to provide a Bluetooth member with qualification related services.

Allion , with authorized BQE and experts in qualification related matters, is dedicated in Bluetooth technology and can provide consultation support for the qualification of client product. See detailed information about Bluetooth Qualification Service and BQE Support.


HealthVault and the Works with HealthVault logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. 


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