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▉ HDCP Compliance Test

Accredited by DCP, LLC, Allion is able to perform HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliance test for HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort or DVI applicable products. By providing test results, products are determined whether their implementation meets certain specification requirements. Instead of high test fees and test equipment investment, Allion is the best alternative for the HDCP compliance test.


About HDCP

HDCP is a standard developed to protect digital entertainment content across the digital interface. High-Definition content, such as digital motion pictures, television programs and audio, can be protected from unauthorized interception and copying.

The HDCP content protection mechanism includes three elements:

(1) Authentication of HDCP receivers to their immediate upstream connection (to an HDCP transmitter). The authentication protocol is the mechanism through which the HDCP transmitter verifies that a given HDCP Receiver is licensed to receive HDCP.

(2) Revocation of HDCP receivers that are determined by the DCP to be invalid.

(3) HDCP encryption of audiovisual content over the HDCP-protected interfaces between HDCP transmitters and their downstream HDCP receiver.

Appliances: TV, Display Monitor, Projector, DVD Player/Recorder, Graphic Card, Notebook, AV Receiver, Display Adapter, Set Top Box and more.


About HDCP Compliance Test

The Compliance test is intended as an aid to the correct implementation of the Compliance Rules for hardware and software implementations of the HDCP Specification in a Licensed Product. As the world’s only test facility for HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort and DVI HDCP tests, Allion is able to provide a one stop testing service to establish and validate your HDCP compliance test claims.


  • Transmitter Test
  • Receiver Test
  • Repeater Test
  • Transmitter Test
  • Receiver Test
  • Transmitter Test
  • Receiver Test
  • Repeater Test
  • Test Coverage

    Panasonic UITA-2000 Unigraf VTG-5225 Quantum Data 882EA



    Extensions Related Tests

    HDMI Testing Solution

    Allion is the HDMI Authorized Testing Center (ATC) to offer a complete and comprehensive testing solution for your products and help gaining competitive edge in the market. With our HDMI testing experts standing by at all times, we can help your product achieve and meet the HDMI design criteria.  Instead of spending over half a million US dollars on just a test environment, you may choose Allion as your very own HDMI compliance test lab.  See HDMI Compliance Test Page

    CEC Compliance Test

    The CEC compatibility test program can help you verify if your sink product is compatible with a variety of CEC applicable source products, such as HD-DVD players, Blu-Ray players, Handycams, HDD-Recorders, Notebooks and AV amplifiers.  Contact service@allion.com for more information.

    DisplayPort Compliance & Logo Program
    Allion is the independent test lab accredited by VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association) to perform DisplayPort compliance & logo program. This program is designed to ensure that products implement the features necessary to comply with the DisplayPort standard guidelines. See DisplayPort Compliance & Logo Program Page
    sRGB Compliance Program
    Allion has defined a reasonable "test specification" with high-level analysis equipment.  Products that pass all tests will be granted with the Allion sRGB Logo.  This can be used by the manufacturer to show end users that the display has been tested by an independent third-party lab. See detailed information about sRGB Logo Compliance Program




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