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Allion provides comprehensive testing services and engineering consulting solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding client requirements. Using effective project management and systematic test procedures, Allion maintains top tier standards as a highly productive and unrivaled quality IT product testing laboratory.


Efficient Project Management

Each project team is composed of top-flight test engineers, a senior technical manager, and a project manager. Before testing begins, Allion works with the client to confirm the test method, schedule and other contractual details. Project managers communicate with clients and supervise projects. For instance, the project manager provides the client with frequent project updates and responds to client concerns.


Detailed Scenario Report

Allion provides clients with complete test reports that document test plans, test results and proposed solutions. After the test engineer finishes testing and prepares the test report, both the project manager and senior technical manager perform an in depth review to ensure technical accuracy. Allion considers quality assurance the foremost crucial step in testing and is dedicated to strict internal quality assurance procedures to provide clients with the most reliable test results.


Allion e-Service System Online Project Management

The Allion e-Service System is a collaborative service platform designed to improve project efficiency, quality and management. All test results, issues, reports, and other relevant content is submitted to the e-Service System after being review by the senior technical manager and project manager. This online tool allows clients to access testing information at their convenience.


Reliable DUT Storage Management

To safeguard  product confidentiality, Allion catalogs all client products and devices with a standard barcoding system upon receiving. While in our custody, DUTs (Devices Under Test) are kept in a secure access controlled storage room. Our DUT inventory management system tracks device location and can be used to quickly search for products based on a variety of conditions.


Security Systems

Allion’s offices are protected by security professionals who perform routine patrol checks and monitor the automated security system. This system includes both 24x7 video surveillance and infrared motion detection sensors. In case of intrusion, the automated security system will alert relevant units to take further measures. Besides these proactive measures, Allion facilities are also protected with an access control card system that helps deter intruders.

To ensure that confidential information remains private, Allion has established an Information Security Management (ISM) system that protects our digital assets from internal and external threats.

Allion’s project database is protected by a multi-stage security system including routers, firewalls, intrusion detection, malware blocking, and antivirus software. As a result, our internal networks maintain a safe and reliable information storage environment. Data transmission between servers and clients uses 1024 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption for advanced security. Spare hosts are used to backup online applications and test reports for information redundancy and fault-tolerance. To avoid catastrophic data loss, all vital information is also stored remotely in a secure location.


Testing Resources & Environment

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