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 Product Summary 

The ALLION AJSC-TPA-RR is specifically designed for the debugging of HDMI 2.0 products. It aims to check problems of +5V Power / HPD / CEC / DDC / Utility signals while being connected with HDMI cable between HDMI Sink-Source products. It can also be used with the ALLION AJSC-1, which is able to control and emulate EDID/SCDC, also conduct HDMI Compliance Protocol Test.



It applies to all the HDMI products (Source/Sink).


 Key Feature 

  • Individualize +5V Power/HPD/CEC/DDC/Utility signal by jumper pin
  • Analyze +5V Power/HPD/CEC/DDC/Utility signal during directly checking signal problem


Single use of “ALLION AJSC-TPR-RR” 

  • Debugging used in combination with Analyzer or Oscilloscope (Figure 1)
    Analyze +5V Power/HPD/CEC/DDC/Utility signal by during directly checking for signal problems between HDMI sink device and source device.

Use Case: EDID, HDCP connection, HPD and +5V Power situation, Access of SCDC, CEC connection, etc.


Combination with “ALLION AJSC-1” 

  • Control and emulate EDID/SCDC
    Since the fixture can separate DDC line and other line in Source side and Sink side, it can emulate each device. For example, you can debug not using truely EDID in sink but using emulated EDID by AJSC-1.
  • HDMI Compliance Test (Protocol test) (Figure 2)
  • You can carry out the following testing written by HDMI 2.0 Generic CTS
    CTS ITEM: HF1-23, HF2-10, HF2-26, HF2-31, HF2-32, HF2-35, HF2-41, HF2-53


  • Size:55mm X 34mm X 60mm (WXHXD) (without projection point)
  • Weight:88g (AJSC-TPA-RR body)

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