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Power Line Product Test Fixture (Universal PLC Splitter)

 Product Summary 

This Power Line Product Test Fixture (Universal PLC Splitter) is specifically designed for G.hn and TR-208 test specifications. It aims to measure signals and power spectral density of PLC within each power line to conform to the specification. For verifying product function and performance in different scenarios, this test fixture can simulate variations with a set-up of noise and attenuation via BNC ports. 



It applies to products that support the G.hn and TR-208 test specifications.


 Key Feature 

  • Accurate measurement of conducted PLC signals via three BNC Ports
  • Used in single node or multi-node configurations, setup with noise and attenuation to simulate variations via BNC ports 





US SpecificationUniversal PLC Splitter (EN)

EU Specification:Universal PLC Splitter (EU)

NOTE: Accessories such as power cords, Ethernet cables, and attenuators are not included.


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