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ExpressCard Test Fixture

 Product Summary 

ExpressCard test fixture is specifically designed for IOT (interoperability) and electrical tests of the ExpressCard products. It aims to test the product to conform with the specifications of PCMIA for assuring transmission signal quality of PCI-E 1X and USB 2.0.



It applies to the products that support PCMCIA specifications.


 Key Feature 

ExpressCard to Mini-PCI Express Adapter is an adapter to transmit signals between USB and PCI ExpressCard bus interface. Its aims purpose is to test Mini-PCI ExpressCard. 



The main function of Express Card Extender is to measure PCI Express signals. It also can cover the below test items below:

  • Manufacturing Test
  • Debugging & Testing
  • The other related Tests 



Following the compliance certification specification of USB-IF, ExpressCard USB High Speed SQ test fixture is to measure USB high speed signal quality of the host and the module.



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