Continua is dedicated to the development of global industry standards to ensure end-to-end, plug-and-play interoperability of personal connected health devices for secure transmission and storage of personal health data.


Allion, An Authorized Test Lab for All Continua Applications

Continua establishes standards and guidelines for secured connections for health technologies such as sensors, remote monitoring devices, tablets, gateways, smart phones, as well as network and cloud solutions. To learn more about the Continua Certification Process, please visit Continua Alliance website.

Allion Labs, Inc. is an authorized Continua Test Labs that provides test certification programs and consulting services for personal connected healthcare devices, as part of the Continua Certification program.

Allion has recognized Continua Certification Experts (CCE) to support testing and certification of Continua personal connected health technologies for devices and products interoperability compliance.


  • TAN-PAN-LAN Agent: personal healthcare devices, such as thermometer, pulse/blood pressure, pulse oximeter, and glucose meter
  • TAN-PAN-LAN Manager: personal computer and mobile devices
  • WAN-Sender: personal computer, mobile devices, and tele-heath center
  • WAN-Receiver: tele-heath center
  • HRN-Sender: community and hospital database

 Test Coverage 

  • Certification Service

    Compliance Test: Ensure product compliance with IEEE 20601 and Continua Design Guidelines. Products with USB PHDC, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart (low-energy), or ZigBee HCP (Health Care Profile) must conform to both the interface and compliance standards.

    Interoperability Test: Conduct compatibility testing with certified Continua products.

  • Consulting Service

    - Certification Application Process Support

    - Certification Policy and Self-Test Consultation

    - Other Related Services

  • Pre-compliance Test Service​

We are also able to test and provide test related technical consulting services for Bluetooth and USB.