USB Type-C Dongle Certification & Testing Solution

USB Type-C Dongle faciliatate as the bridge between Type-C devices and devices with previous specifications. USB Type-C dongle certification aims to ensure your product to meet standards of comliance program.


“Combining Spectrums & Knowhow of Standard Certification with Cable & Cable Connector”

The benefits of USB Type-C can be summed up with the following “Small & Agile, Symmetrical Connection, Bidirectional power supply and high speed transition” making it the premium choice for various suppliers and vendors alike. However, this great evolutional leap has also generated the need for a “Dongle” to facilitate as the bridge between devices with previous specifications such as (projectors, monitors, etc.) and devices with the latest Type-C specs. 


With over 30 different certification standards and the ability to provide cable and cable connector design consultation, we are able to assist in your application for USB Type-C Dongle/Cable Adapter Certification, ensuring your product to meet standards of the compliance program. Besides certification, we’re able to provide user experience as a testing base for functionality for driver free, plug and play, no additional power supply required, display output spec, etc. At the same time HDCP, DP Alt Mode 1.2 compatibility testing to increase overall performance for the length of the warranty.



  • USB Type-C (Plug) to DP (Receptacle)
  • USB Type-C (Plug) to HDMI (Receptacle)
  • USB Type-C (Plug) to VGA (Receptacle)
  • USB Type-C (Plug) to DVI (Receptacle)


 USB Type-C Dongle Certification Services 

  • Standard Compliance Certification
  • Electrical Safety Measurement
  • Reliability Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Functionality Testing


 Test Coverage 

  • USB Type-C Compliance Pre-test
  • USB Power Delivery Compliance Pre-test
  • DP Sink Compliance Test/ DP Sink EDID
  • DP AUX/HPD Test
  • DP Sink EDID
  • Power Verification
  • Signal Integrity
  • Resolution Mode change interoperability
  • System Interoperability


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