Open Connectivity Foundation(OCF)

Believing in  strong partnerships between different ecosystems to create opportunity and possibilities across borders 


One Voice, One Purpose, One Choice

At Allion we believe in a strong partnership and collaboration between different ecosystems to create opportunity and possibilities across borders, specifications and standards. We are also committed to furthering industry standards of the Internet of Things for the benefit of all involved. Along with founding members and others, we are proud to be part of the world’s largest open IoT standard group. Together, our goal is to accelerate industry innovation for all our customers, ultimately benefiting billions of people around the world.


What is OCF

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is creating a specification and sponsoring an open source project to make this possible. OCF will unlock the massive opportunity in the IoT market, accelerate industry innovation and help developers and companies create solutions that map to a single open specification. OCF will ensure secure interoperability for consumers, business, and industry.



We are the only organization able to utilize the benefits and strengths of various compliances; not only to boost our client’s competitiveness, but also to promote adoption and integration between certifications we represent. This would be facilitated from start of development to certification and implementation. As an engineering company, Allion also provides customized consulting and testing services related to product quality, performance, compatibility, and interoperability. We offer professional engineering services for each stage of product development.


The Standard OCF Certification Process :



Testing Category:

OCF Server / Client

  1. Device / Resource Discovery
  2. OIC / OCF Resource Model
  3. Security


Tool : Conformance Test Tool (CTT), Ver1.3







Allion has tested thousands of competing products and has gained a reputation for unmatched independence and objectivity. Approved and acknowledged by a wide range of world- class compliance programs, Allion has demonstrated its superiority and reliability in testing.