Intel® Digital Signage Systems

ALLION is the only ATL authorized by Intell® to provide SQC (Software Quality Certification) for Intel® Digital Signage Systems.


Intel® Digital Signage System Validation


ALLION is the only ATL authorized by Intel to provide SQC (Software Quality Certification) for Intel® Digital Signage Systems. The certification ensures the connectivity, functionality, operability and most importantly the optimization for enhanced user experience. Allion believes that our testing experience and consulting expertise is able to help customers pass the certification in the easiest and fastest way. With our solid testing and certificate, your product will be ahead of all other competitors.



Intel® Digital Signage Solution


Designed for small business and cost effectiveness. Intel® Digital Signage is not only easy to set up, but also does not require an existing network. All you need is a monitor and the preinstalled SmarterSign software which can help you create and schedule rich content from existing templates without any hassle. More information can be found on



Test Scope & Coverage

 Wi-Fi Direct Connection Test 

These tests are used in order to check if the base system is able to connect to the client system at various distances and observe if there are any connection failures. At the same time verify connection to sink at different angles. Finally insuring client system is able to sink with base system during interferences from sources like Bluetooth device and Wireless AP.

 Smarter Sign Software Function 

The purposes of these tests are to insure the software performs as anticipated from installation on the base system, to the client system connection of the SmarterSign software. Then connection of software after resuming from various power management modes. Followed by scheduling test to verify software playback function.

 User Scenario Test 

User Scenario test covers the video quality & latency during software usage. Our customized test plans and cases mimic real-world interactions with base system and client system.

 User Experience Test 

User experience is vital because it will affect not only brand image but also market adoption.To optimize end user experience, our unique tests include software installation, connection operation, playback scheduling and especially end user abnormal behaviors.


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