QPlay, by Tencent, enables QQ Music in mobile devices to interoperate with multimedia stereo devices, such as peripheral audio devices and TVs with wireless technology.

Serial ATA is the standard interface replacement for hardware connection to computer bus. SATA substitutes the parallel ATA interface generally for its improved bandwidth, speed, flexibility and structure.

PCI Express (PCIe) is a high-bandwidth interface technology with multiple serially designed paths for transferring data. Using dedicated lane connection, PCIe does address bandwidth limitations with better speed and graphics performance.

SD Association (SDA) establishes the technical and specification standards for SD memory card applications, continuously promotes SD as a leading industry standard, and encourages the development of digital A/V, wireless communication, and digital networking products that utilize the many unique benefits of SD standards. 

Combining the primary colors of RGB (Red, Green and Blue) creates the millions of colors on modern display devices. However, color definitions vary among different manufacturers. In response, Allion has developed a Logo certification program for sRGB (standard RGB), a color definition invented jointly by Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. Allion sRGB Logo Certification can give your products a competitive edge!

TransferJetTM is a near distance wireless transfer technology for rapid data transfer. Best solution for transferring huge data including high-resolution video, music, images and more.

WHQL ensures your device or software agrees to compatibility certification for Windows. Digitally-signed for WHQL permits driver package to be distributed through windows program.

Most of you have probably heard on the news about poor quality products. Some faulty electronics have even been known to explode. With the growing popularity of USB Type-C products, poor-quality USB Type-C cables are becoming a major issue, since they can ruin connected equipment and damage device ports. In most cases, the problems are less severe, but they can still result in poor user experiences. These types of problems can influence consumer purchasing decisions and should therefore be an issue of primary concern for product developers, manufacturers, and distributors.

This Certification program is to ensure the Safety designs for Smartphone Battery chargers. MCPC (Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium) which is a Non-Profit Organization to expand the Mobile Computing market such as Smart Phone.