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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program Is Now Within Your Reach! 

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program is a program launched by Wi-Fi Alliance; the goal is to make sure products adopting 802.11ac technology conform to Wi-Fi Alliance’s specification and are able to provide excellent user experience. Products that are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac certified posses over 1 Gbps transmission rate and up to 8 spatial streams, supporting multi-user MIMO and higher‐order modulation. Through Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program, it is more effective to validate product’s performance, usability and interoperability, improving products’ competitive advantage.

Allion is now the first-wave authorized test laboratory for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program recognized by Wi-Fi Alliance, providing companies with one-stop 802.11ac related certification plans. Our multi-angle service coverage includes the standard certification testing, device interoperability, debugging support, and technical consultation. For further info or if you need a prompt response regarding this program, please contact service@allion.com.

*Allion Labs, Inc. (Taiwan) is the Wi-Fi Alliance Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL). The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac certification testing will be performed by Allion Taiwan ATL.


About Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi Alliance, founded in 1999, is a global non-profit organization with the goal of driving adoption of high-speed wireless local area networking (WLAN). The main task is to ensure the compatibility between various IEEE 802.11 products and to promote Wi-Fi become the benchmark of the global WLAN. Learn more about Wi-Fi Alliance and its latest developments, please refer to www.wi-fi.org/

What Allion can do

Professional experience
Allion is the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) Accredited Testing Lab for Wi-Fi Certification Program.  Complying with Wi-Fi Alliance standard requirements for testing laboratories Allion is ready to perform official Wi-Fi Alliance testing services for all Wi-Fi Alliance members.  With our superior testing facilities, dedicated engineers and over twenty years of experience in IT testing, Allion is your number-one choice as we are determined to provide our clients efficient services in the most supportive way.

Flexibility and efficiency
In order to achieve the highest client satisfaction and the best service, Allion sets up an independent Wi-Fi certification team to focus on the Wi-Fi certification consultant, process and testing services. The team includes numbers of project manager, project manager, engineers and engineering assistants. Allion takes a reasonable fee system and workflow, enabling our clients to have greater flexibility and more choices in the arrangements for the test schedule. In addition to save money for our clients, we help their products enter the market on time.

Your Best Quality Partner
Regardless of the complicated technical manual, Wi-Fi Alliance has made it effortless for buyers and end-users to select quality wireless products. All you need to do is look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® logo. Right here at Allion, we have made it simple for manufacturer to certify their wireless products by providing a one stop, all-in-one solution for your product. This service is only available to Wi-Fi Alliance membership.


Wi-Fi Specifications Availability


Wi-Fi Direct

With Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer technology, Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can connect with other certified devices even without hotspot or Wi-Fi network to accomplish tasks such as synch, share, transfer, display and print. Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can work with most legacy Wi-Fi products and have WPA2 security protections. With simple firmware upgrade, all current Wi-Fi devices can also embrace the astounding Wi-Fi Direct standard.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ is a certification program to ensure certified devices implement and follow the WFA Wi-Fi Display Specification properly. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ standard allows device to deliver audio and video content from one to another through the use of Wi-Fi connection. Device such as TVs, set-top boxes, NBs, handsets and tablets are considered to be the most applicable products to adopt this compelling wireless display standard.


Extensions Related Tests

ASD Compatibility Test
Allion has over hundreds of wireless ASDs (Application Specific Devices) in house which consist of products such as wireless DVD players, wireless TVs, wireless phones, wireless printers and so on. The compatibility test can be executed to help determine if a product can function properly with other industry leading hardware and software in the intended environment.
Functionality Test
By following the product specification and basic guideline, the functions of your product will be strictly validated to assure the basic quality of products is acceptable and reliable.
Performance Test
The purpose is to test the throughput of network devices. The throughput performance will be compared in different wireless environments such as 11a, 11b, 11g, 11n, super 11a and super 11g.




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