IoT Smart Home Test Solution

5G technologies enable a better-connected network for smart homes. However, interference issues arise because 5G, 4G, military radar, and existing Wi-Fi frequency bands overlap. As an AIoT expert with hands-on experiences, Allion develops an IoT smart home test solution to ensure products operate smoothly without being affected by interference, functionality, interoperability, or software/hardware integration problems.


Building Blocks of Smart Home Ecosystem

In the new era of IoT, everything is connected. Users can control smart air conditioners and smart lighting via mobile Apps or smart speakers. Tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Xiaomi, and Huawei are also expanding their ecosystems to provide convenient, energy-saving, and intelligent connected home services.

Problems Arise When Everything Is Connected

There can be connectivity issues in different stages of data transfer:

Allion One-Stop Solution Unlocks a Multitude of Benefits for IoT Devices

To eliminate potential risks for brands and manufacturers, Allion integrates five IoT test solutions based on the accumulated test data.

1. Alliance Logo Program

Since smart home devices often rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the wireless performance will play an important role in determining the product quality.

(1)Wi-Fi Statistics

  • According to IDC, total Wi-Fi device shipments are forecasted to surpass 20 billion by 2023. Wi-Fi 6 device shipments will reach 5 billion.
  • Cisco’s VNI study predicts that up to 59% of Internet traffic will flow through Wi-Fi by 2022.

(2)Bluetooth Statistics

  • According to 2019 Bluetooth Market Update, total annual Bluetooth device shipments will reach 5.4 billion by 2023. In addition, by 2023, 90% of all speakers will include Bluetooth.


2. Hardware Confirmation

Hardware signal measurement is the first checkpoint for product quality.

From our research IoT Product Structure and Material Diversity Impact on the Antenna, we explain that return loss happens (moving from 2.4 GHz to 1.9 GHz) because the housing and PCB board are glued together. We also offer some suggestions on how to improve the antenna performance.

3. Software/ App/ Connectivity Testing

What do users expect from Smart Home products? Seamless compatibility, stable wireless connections, and user-friendly interfaces win the heart of users and build a positive online reputation.

  • Software Validation Test Lab: Based on industry ecosystems and device attributes, we ensure that software programs are able to satisfy users’ expectations and usability requirements.
  • Interoperability Test Center: We make sure that your products can operate harmoniously with products or systems from other brands.
4. Real-world Scenario Validation

In order to avoid the awkward situation of “Pass in lab, Fail in life”, we simulate real-world conditions and user behavior to verify the actual product performance.

Excessive Energy Consumption and Higher Electric Bill:

Mobile App Settings Affected by Wireless Interference

Take the smart thermostat mobile App as an example. The wireless interference accidentally changes the setting of “Away from Home”. Both the air conditioner and heater are activated when the temperature is only 25°.

5. Quality Requirement Specification (QRS) Program

In accordance with industry standards, market trends, and vendors’ needs, Allion has launched the QRS Program for notable brands, such as Intel and Apple, to help deliver better user experiences using Allion qualified products.

  • Better Product Quality
  • Better Ecosystem
  • Better End User Experience

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