CarPlay USB SI Consulting

Developers must complete certifications required by the Apple MFi Program before going for mass production. As an independent test lab, Allion is authorized by the USB-IF to test USB technologies, including USB signal integrity, which is one of the mandatory CarPlay test items. We can add value to your business by providing product development consultancy, signal integrity fixtures, test environment setup, and post product launch analysis.


What is CarPlay?

In 2014, Apple first introduced CarPlay as an in-car platform which includes navigation, music streaming, hands-free calling, text messaging, and many other features. Users can connect their iPhones to the head unit via wired connections (USB) or wireless network (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). They can also control the built-in display by using the touchscreen, turning control knobs, or giving voice commands to Siri. As the in-vehicle infotainment system gets increasingly popular, more and more iPhone users consider the presence of CarPlay when car-shopping.

Certification Process Flowchart

Test Items

Some of the CarPlay test items are highly complex, for example, USB signal integrity, USB performance, and ITU-T Telephony Audio Quality. Particularly, vendors have to acquire USB-IF TID to submit the USB signal integrity test results to Apple.

At Allion, we offer more than just CarPlay consulting services. As an independent test lab, Allion is authorized by the USB-IF to test USB technologies. We can add value to your business by delivering a comprehensive suite of tests and accelerating test schedules.

What to Have Before Becoming CarPlay-certified

  1. CarPlay Integration Design Documents
  2. Wireless Performance Test Plan
  3. USB signal integrity test results
  4. USB performance test results
  5. Wi-Fi Alliance Certification
  6. Location drive test
  7. Wireless performance audit and drive test
  8. ITU-T Telephony Audio Quality Test for Wired / Wireless
  9. Siri Audio Quality Test for Wired / Wireless
  10. Accessory Certification Assistant test results and self-certification form
  11. Functional test results for Wired / Wireless and test benches

Allion Creates a Shortcut to Build Your Own CarPlay USB SI Test Environment

Allion has been contributing to the development of USB technology for 10+ years and assisted the USB-IF to design test fixtures. Our CarPlay USB SI Consulting helps automakers and suppliers establish their own testing capabilities, including new product testing, fixture or equipment procurement, personnel training and development, and post-launch review.

Procurement of Test Equipment

Allion’s Advantages, Your Benefits

In addition to USB-related testing, Allion is able to conduct a wide variety of verifications related to wireless performance, ITU-T, hardware and software interoperability. Our comprehensive USB SI testing services can ensure that your CarPlay system or accessory meets Apple’s specifications.

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