Intel® Digital Signage Systems

Intel® Digital Signage Systems

Allion is the only ATL recognized by Intel® to provide SQC (Software Quality Certification) for Intel® Digital Signage Systems.


Intel® Digital Signage System Validation

Centrally managed electronic display has never been so easy for presenting public data, information and multimedia. Highly suited for individual and business needs, the Intel® Digital Signage can be easily configured without the need for a pre-existing network. With only a monitor and preinstalled SmarterSign software, you can Plan, display and playback relevant contents from existing templates. More information can be found on

To ensure optimal digital signage performance, systems and devices have to undergo a series of verification and validation tests. Allion is the right place for your testing solutions. As the only authorized test laboratory accredited by Intel to provide SQC (Software Quality Certification) for Intel® Digital Signage Systems, Allion provides testing and certification services for optimal connectivity, functionality and interoperability. In short, we provide all the needed support required to get your products certified.

Test Scope and Coverage

Wi-Fi Direct Connection Test

  • Base Station – Client System Connectivity Test
  • Distance Connectivity Strength
  • Sink Connection Test (For different angles)
  • Sink-Base System Test (For different angles)
  • DUT-Base System Test (non-interference from Bluetooth and Wireless AP)

Smarter Sign Software Function

  • Software Performance / Functionality Test, After Installation
  • Software Response Verification, Post Power Management Mode
  • Schedule Software Playback Function
  • Software Reconfiguration Test

User Scenario Test

  • Video Quality and Latency Verification test, During Software Usage
  • Real-World Interactions Test (simulate base station – client system Test)

User Experience Test 

  • Software Installation
  • Connection Operation
  • Playback Scheduling
  • End User Abnormal Behaviors

For details, including inquiries about specific test or technical consultation, please contact us here.