One-Stop Consulting Service

Design Consultant

Allion has abundant high-speed and high-frequency product design experience in multiple industries. We provide diverse services to assist you in product design consultation, specification consulting, product certification consulting, hardware & high-frequency simulation, layout design & diagram review, testing consulting, and product optimization.

Allion Consulting Services for Various Industries

Allion has extensive experience in high bandwidth product design for different industries, and we provide all-inclusive product and process design consultations.

Network Communication

The Wi-Fi Alliance defines standards of Wi-Fi technologies and performance necessities. These standards are carefully designed to facilitate extensive connectivity among people and devices for everyday living and business applications.
Allion was authorized by the Wi-Fi Alliance as one of the first test labs worldwide to provide Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ certification testing. As of today, Allion is also the only test lab in Asia to offer comprehensive testing regarding all Wi-Fi certification programs.

Wi-Fi 6E Performance Testing

Connectivity Testing

Access Testing

Applications and Services Testing

Power Saving Features

Auditory and Visual

During the hardware design stage, signal integrity and impedance issues can significantly affect the TV product’s high-frequency transmission characteristics. By partnering with Allion, you can enhance your in-house testing in Android Platform/TV or related products.

▶  Android Platform/TV Service

Module Selection Consulting

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module

Specification Define and Consulting




Product Design

Cable & Connector

In the product design stage, intricacies production know-how and details will directly influent the production cost and develop time.
Through cooperation with Allion, we can effectively improve your product design and build up the product line simulation to control product yield from the beginning of the project to increase final customer satisfaction.

▶  USB/DP/HDMI Certification

Module Selection Consulting

Cable Assembly

PCBA Assembly/Manufacturing

High Frequency Simulation

Cabcon High Speed Solution

PCB Design Consulting

Design Quality Verification

Small Product Design Consulting

Logo Alliance Certification or Testing

High-Speed Cable Design Consulting

Circuit/Layout Design

Successful List

USB-C® to DisplayPort Dongle

USB-C® to HDMI Dongle

USB-C® to USB-C® Cable Assembly

USB-C® to VGA Dongle

Personal Computer

Computers and Systems are constantly evolving in response to the needs and situations of different users. Allion can provide rich product design experience and recommendations for different application fields, including: gaming applications, graphics applications, medical applications, industrial applications, and more.

High Bandwidth Product Design

Spec Define & Consult

Schematic Design/Review

Layout Design/Review

SI Simulation Consult

Smart Automotive

Allion’s engineering team performs hardware and software testing and consulting services for automakers. In addition to customized scenario testing and in-vehicle OTA performance enhancements, we also provide advanced support such as high-bandwidth product design, validation, or consultancy for supplier product quality control management.

Design Validation and Test Plan Development

Vehicle OTA Performance

C-V2X Scenarios

TC8 2.1 OABR Interoperability Test

TC2/9 Channel and Components

IEEE 100BASE-T1 96.5/1000 BASE-T1 97.5

TC8 2.2.2 OABR PMA TX Physical Test

Allion's High-Bandwidth Test Capabilities

Highly Accelerated Life

Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)

High-Speed Interface

Keysight DSAZ334A 33G

High-Speed Interface

Anritsu MP1900A 32G

Wireless Validation

843 Chamber

Wireless Validation

Allion Bluetooth Test Suite (ABTS)

Acoustic Validation


Acoustic Validation

Anechoic Test Chamber

AI Solutions

Allion IVI Robot Testing Platform

Cloud Server

For server manufactures and ODMs, Allion can also provide high-bandwidth design consultancy services to shorten your product design period and enhance product quality.

Hardware Simulation

Board File Review

Signal Integrity Test

Power Integrity Test

Reliability Test

Technical Highlights

Debug Consultant

Bug fixing is one of the most significant issues for product makers and buyers. When bugs aren’t fixed properly, your product can suffer from potential risks like missing the optimal time-to-market or even inducing product recall and corresponding costs.

Allion implements agile iteration and exploratory testing to generate a custom analysis during product development. We identify product bugs and deliver root cause reports before mass production, sharing countermeasure recommendations and assisting clients with workarounds and waiver applications.

Allion Consulting Services for Various Industries

We provide customers with high-quality testing and debugging capabilities, allowing clients to understand and discover potential risks at an earlier time. We also assist with regulatory verification and rapid evidence collection, while ensuring stable product quality and a smooth launch.

Network Communication

The rapid growth and the pervasive use of wireless communication technologies (e.g. Mesh Wi-Fi, W-Fi, and Bluetooth®) makes our lives easier, but also brings various wireless signal interference issues.

The most common interference issues are caused by the combination of different technologies in a product and environment, and Allion provides unique consulting for your product as follows:







Personal Computer

Allion has extensive testing experience for system and peripheral products. With rich debugging cases accumulated over the year, Allion has consolidated them into a data integration database.

We provide customers corresponding product debugging and countermeasure suggestions. Refer to following list.

OS Debugging

BSoD Crash Dump Analysis

Kernel Debugger (KD)

Windows Performance Recorder (WPR)

Windows ADK

App Crash/ Performance Issues

System Boot/Resume/Jumpstart Performance Issues

Power Consumption Issues

Driver Protocol Analysis

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Sniffer Log

USB & PCIe Protocol Log

HDMI Protocol, EDID, HDCP Log

Auditory and Visual

With accumulated experiences in various compliance certifications, Allion can provide debug consultancy services in the product validation stage for Android or TV related products.

Allion purchases test beds from the worldwide region regularly. Interoperability weakness usually not only causes compliance issue, but also compatibility with various connection issues. Our expert team can help:

Bugs Reproduction

Bugs Isolation / Cross Reference

User Claim Identification

Failure Analysis

Solution Recommendation and Implementation

Cable & Connector

Discover potential risks before customers leave negative ratings. Negative reviews influences consumers’ intention to purchase and high return rate leads to increased costs and damages the brand image.

Rely on Allion's comprehensive testing proposal and debug capabilities to discover product weaknesses. By discovering the risks early, you can increase product quality, and reduce return rates to save costs.


Intelligent Detection

AIoT Product Traceability

EMI Consult

Trouble Shooting

Product Comparison Analysis


Instant Notification

24/7/365 Non-Stop

Cost Reduction

Quality Improvement

Remote Monitoring

Risk Management

Smart Automotive

Allion has organized our automotive component and product debugging cases into an integrated database, assisting customers in future product testing while providing quick, direct, effective solutions and tools.

HIL Simulation Testing

AI Allion Robot Testing Solution (ART)

Automation IVI Testing Platform

Debugging Support and Resolution

Problem Categorization

Issue Cause Analysis

Debugging Support

Solution Recommendation and Implementation

Cloud Server

With debug and validation issues, Allion can provide consultancy services to speed up the debugging process.

Bug Reproduction

Bug Analysis

Simulation Review

Board File Review

Solution Recommendation and Implementation

Technical Highlights

Integration Consultant

Product development is now a complex process involving elaborate procedures like sourcing components and building scenario simulations. Allion helps vendors through the design, sourcing, compliance, and debugging processes, achieving improved cost performance and creating superior products.

Allion also provides compliance consulting for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, BBF.398, Thread, LoRa, Wi-SUN, Ethernet, Matter, and many other certifications. Our equipment solutions include AWE TR-398, ART, MDT, PC AI Agent, and TV AI Agent. Our automation services cover product development, wireless interference, audio noise validations, and many more.

Allion Consulting Services for Various Industries

Allion provides industry and facility integration solutions for software developers, hardware developers, OEM/ODM firms, and brand owners.

Whether in the planning, development, testing, or operation stages in the product life cycle, we provide you consultancy services for equipment integration, resource combination, and environment construction. Our consultancy services grant our clients the ability to build facilities from scratch like anechoic rooms, RF labs, smart factories, and smart offices while accommodating ad-hoc modifications through the recommendation of suitable hardware equipment and software.

Network Communication

During product development, most products encounter uncertainty in connectivity and interoperability. Vendors don't have the test facilities, environment, or device library to conduct proper quality control, and they shouldn't have to. Allion can help vendors with interoperability testing as we update our device library annually.


Smart Fitness

WICS (Wireless Infrastructure Consulting)


Help Network Product Manufacturers Provide Real and Immediate Feedback

Reduce Performance Deterioration

Reviewed, Analyzed, and Enhanced the Quality of Experience (QoE)

Cloud Server

When under development, Allion offers server industry services, including: functional validations, automation solutions, software development, and compliance specification updates.

Software Development

Function & Performance CA

Smart Automotive

The race to perfecting smart automobiles has begun; Allion can assist vendors to develop expertise in a new age of connected cars, smart components and devices, high frequency application integration, and advanced security systems.

Cable & Connector

Industries must make the leap forward from more traditional manufacturing lines to agile, digitalized smart factories. Allion’s smart industry integration services will improve your product yield rate while providing automated defect detection and traceability management.

Situation Room Platform

Collecting Real-Time Production Data

Detecting Abnormalities

24/7/365 Non-Stop

Instant Notification

Auditory and Visual

By partnering with Allion, you can enhance your in-house testing capabilities with AI solutions and more.

Critical Test Beds

Critical User Scenario

Critical Test Conditions

Personal Computer

With 31 years of test experience, Allion has developed personal computer verification. We created AI automation test systems that fit various test purposes to ensure your product requirements are met.

Power Consumption Test

Performance Test

DPI Test

Response Time Test

Click Latency Test

Technical Highlights

AI & Automation Consultant

The equipment behind the making of a product is crucial to product success. Equipment, fixtures, factory processes, and automated AI solutions must all be optimized to produce top-tier consumer products.

Whether vendors are looking for basic hardware equipment or full factory automation, Allion offers equipment, fixtures, test design, automation solutions, and many more hardware equipment customization services to cater to each product’s unique needs.

Allion Consulting Services for Various Industries

Allion has conducted 100+ high-frequency solutions and fixture design projects. Regardless of industry sectors, you can find customizable solutions that make your product validation more efficient and cost-effective.

Network Communication

Through our high-frequency and high-speed wireless solutions, your networking products will be tested and verified more efficiently, reducing the time to market and development process. We offer the following services:

Automate and customize through manual modification

Achieve new TR-398 testing through software and hardware test suite upgrade

Eliminate wireless dead spots through 8 dipole antennas

Cable & Connector

Allion cooperates with associations such as USB-IF, HDMI Forum, and VESA, working and developing new high-speed, high-frequency test sets and test solutions with industry experts. We also provide overall solution construction to cable connector customers to help your company improve test consistency and speed up product development. Our services include:

Allion Cable-Connector Multiport System (ACMS)

Full Differential Switching

Switching Mapping Complies USB4®/Type C®/Cable & Connector Test Requirements

Customization Software (By Case)

Matching E5071C ENA (Keysight) & R&S ZNB

Generate Reports

Automated Digital Inspection Tester

Running Complete Tests for All I/O Interfaces (e.g. USB Type-C®, HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA.)

Verifying the Quality of Cables, Dongles, Docking, Adapters, VGA Graphics Cards, and Various Other A/V Transmission Products and Interfaces

Personal Computer

Allion provides a full range of consulting services related to AI and automation fixtures. Numerous international associations recognize our fixture development capabilities, giving us the status of designated fixture manufacturer to many associations. Be it high-frequency measurements or automated fixtures, we provide customized fixture design services for different standards and specifications. Our services are as follows:

Association Certification Fixture

High Frequency Measuring Fixture

Non-Standard Interface Fixture Design

Mechanical/Reliability/HALT Test Application Fixture Development

Automated Test Fixture Application Development

Mass Production Test Application Fixture Development

Auditory and Visual

As opposed to the traditional flat-screen TV, smart TV product design is much more complex. Having tested TVs for many major manufacturers, Allion provides smart TV vendors AI and automated solutions, high-speed test tool design, and complete service consultations.

EE and ME Fixture Design

Non-Standard Connector Fixture Design

Cloud Server

For server manufacturers and ODMs, Allion provides high-frequency and high-speed fixture integration consulting services to solve your product electronic verification needs and assist you to optimize your production process with AI/automation. Our services consist of the following:

PCIe Gen5
(CEM, M.2, U.2/U.3, EDSFF E1/E3, OCP NIC 3.0)

MCIO, Gen-Z, Non-Standard form Factor

Fixture Quality Simulation

Smart Automotive

Allion plays an integral role in the automotive advancement to connectivity and smart automobiles. We have the professional know-how to assist car manufacturers optimize production efficiency and production processes through AI and automation. With HIL/SIL automated testing services and customized fixture services, we perfect our clients' products through the following services:

Robotic Arm System & Fixture

Fingertip Simulator

Camera for AI-Driven Recognition

Driven by Customized Fixtures and Software

Technical Highlights

Procurement Quality Consultant (PQC)

Allion provides an all-in-one procurement guide to support our clients in developing product requirements. We support clients in the evaluation of their industry capabilities, production of competitive analyses for products, simplification of the evaluation process of ODMs/OEMs, and completion relevant document applications.

We integrate all the resources to support your product development, protecting your brand from application risks, excessive procurement evaluation time, and user complaints.

Allion Consulting Services for Various Industries

Allion provides professional procurement consulting to enhance ODM processes. The program defines acceptance specifications to guarantee product compliance with industry standards. Allion’s PQC is a one-stop management solution overseeing the quality of your products and connecting you with a network of ODMs, brands, and component suppliers.

Our services support our clients in achieving specific goals. For product makers, ODMs, and OEMs, we can help develop test cases and criteria; analyze production capabilities for specifications; offer design and development support; evaluate and confirm resources; conduct validation and certification tests; and recommendations for suitable labs.

For buyers and brands, we provide you with competitive analyses, product and user experience quality improvement plans, benchmark marketing promotions, and application scenario testing.

Network Communication

With accumulated experiences in compliance certifications, Allion ensures your products are compliant with the industry standards in networking industry. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate certifications for your products and assist you in gaining the competitive advantages in the market.

Plume Certification

Benchmarking and Marketing Reports

Cloud Server

According to client needs, Allion provides a variety of consulting services to help you complete procurement projects more efficiently for data centers, cloud service providers, and corporate procurement.

Qualification Program Consultancy

Competitive Analysis

Server Platform Conformance

Debug Consultancy

Smart Automotive

To ensure driving safety, automotive components must pass a number of regulations and quality certifications to ensure production quality. Allion assists you with one-stop services such as analysis of current market conditions, supplier selection, procurement of equipment components, definition of quality specifications to plan a complete procurement process, and control reasonable expenditure.

EMC and EMS Compliance

ISO 7637-2

ISO 7637-3

ISO 16750-2

High Speed SI







Product Ecosystem Scenario Simulation

Automotive Ethernet

Vehicle OTA Performance

C-V2X Scenarios

Auditory and Visual

With accumulated cooperation experiences with major OEMs/ODMs, Allion supports the following items for your procurement team.

Android Platform/TV

IQC/IPQC/FQC/OQC consultant

Products specification consultant

Logo Compliance Inspection

Products Development Schedule Management

Products Quality Validation Consultant

AdaptiveSync & ClearMR

Logo Compliance Inspection

Products Development Schedule Management

Products Quality Validation Consultant

Interoperability Test

Personal Computer

In the PC industry, brands often outsource development and manufacturing to ODMs and OEMs. Based on our 30+ years of experience, Allion covers the corresponding testing services or Buyer's procurement consulting services at different stages.

Cable & Connector

Allion provides procurement evaluation at pre-production, production, and post-production stages to assist you in selecting suitable OEMs/ODMs for key components and related equipment as follows:

Brand and Product Analysis

Equipment and Component Supplier Selection

Production Line and Process Optimization

Logo Alliance Certification or Testing Recommendations

Competitive Analysis

Technical Highlights

User Experience Consultant

Product user experience strongly influences product usability, which is why vendors must put in great effort to understand how consumers use products and how to maximize a product’s utility through design.

Possessing top-of-the-line equipment, multiple labs corresponding to different industries, and varying connectivity and networking environments, Allion has the experience to assist vendors through consulting while considering real-world usage scenarios and competitive analysis. We help tune products so consumers receive the best possible product from our clients.

Allion Consulting Services for Various Industries

Allion providesUser Experienceconsulting services including: interoperability design, application design, brand positioning assistance, and performance/specification assistance.

Network Communication

Due to the complexity of smart home connectivity, building a smart home ecosystem has been a costly and convoluted task for smart ecosystem manufacturers, adopters, and implementers.
With over years of research, product design, and certification experience, Allion understands the pain points of vendors and can help to overcome these IoT challenges.

Smart Automotive

Aside from smart devices in automobiles, the automotive dashboard has also entered a new era. Car manufacturers can no longer only offer the traditional dashboard, but also need to consider the user's usage habits and integrate their needs. With our software/hardware integration and design experience, Allion can assist vendors in creating user-friendly UIs to win user trust and seize market opportunities.

HIL For Motor Meter


In-Vehicle Infotainment system

Auditory and Visual

Nowadays, users consume audio/video content from numerous devices, including smart TVs, smart displays, video conferencing systems, and IoT devices. Traditional brands may overlook the user experience aspect of product design, such as wireless interference, user scenario simulation, UI language localization, and user perception testing. Allion can help vendors with AI and automation software to ensure superior product quality.

Video Performance Testing

Audio Performance Testing

Voice Recognition Testing

Functionality Testing

Gaming Monitor Testing

On-screen Display (OSD) Testing

Functionality Testing

User Scenario Testing

Audio Performance Testing

Voice Recognition Testing

Functionality Testing

Personal Computer

PC systems and accessories have had a long history of development, with wireless and smart devices as the newest additions to the market. In product design, brand owners must pay extra attention to user experience to strengthen brand positioning and value.

User Scenario Testing

Functionality Testing

Interoperability Tests

Cable & Connector

Cable and connector products are easily overlooked in technological products, yet they play an essential role in user experience. A cable malfunction could cause your product to be misjudged as defective and cause unnecessary losses. As a result, cable validations are crucial for the maintenance of product quality.
Allion can assist in the consulting and execution of the following services:

Functionality Testing

Real World Simulation

User Experience Simulation

Performance CA Analysis (Brand Positioning)

Cloud Server

With the continuous advancement of technologies like cloud services, the Internet of Things, and edge computing, server products have evolved from small server rooms to data centers, with a variety of usage scenarios. With this in mind, the user experience will become the key to a server product's success.
Allion provides the following consulting services to help you secure your place on the market:

Real World Simulation

User Experience Simulation

Performance CA Analysis (Brand Positioning)

Technical Highlights


Inquiry-Consulting Service