PCIe Gen5 U.2/U.3 Test Fixture

Product ID: APT21071

Product Summary

Worldwide First PCIe Gen5 U.2/U.3 Test Fixture
Combination U.2 & U.3 Electircal Signals with one Board solution.
Modulize & Vairty Cable Assmebly.


  • U.2 PCIe Gen5 & SAS 4 Compliance Test for Tx/Rx
  • U.3 PCIe Gen5 & SAS 4 Compliance Test for Tx/Rx

Key Feature

  1. Compatable with U.2 & U.3 Compliance Test
  2. Implement New SAS Connector to support SAS 4 & PCIe Gen5
  3. More Stronger SMPM Connectors update to 40GHz Supported
  4. Flexiable Cable Assembly to simplize installation
  5. 2X Thru Calibration onboard


  1. Two SMPM Connector for U.2 PCIe Lane0/Lane3
  2. Two SMPM Connector for U.2&U.3 Overlap Lane1/Lane2
  3. Two SMPM Connector for U.3 PCIe Lane0/Lane3
  4. Two SMPM Connector for 2X Thru Calibration
  5. Two SMA connectors for Clock Reference
  6. Standard SFF-8639 Connector for Host Connection
  7. Clock Reference SMA x 2
  8. Dimension : 100mm x 70mm

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