USB-C® – Allion PD Emulator


Product Summary

During the Type-C PD Test, it is usually hard for vendors to validate different PDO. Allion thus develops a Test Fixture, which is not only able to emulate Type-C PD SNK and SRC but also able to switch to different power supply via software. This Fixture helps our clients validate whether the products meet the standards.


Emulate either Sink or Source to receive the PDO of the product

Operate Stress and Reliability Test based on different power supply

Key Feature

  • Provide a wide range of power supply (12V~24V)
  • The full function Type-C Plugs/Receptacles allow devices to connect with each other more conveniently
  • Two Banana connectors (Red/Black) support operating electronic load measurement
  • The seven-segment displays provide information of VBUS (Optional)
  • Connect via Micro USB and Allion Utility


  • 2.0 mm Dimension DC-Jack for 12V~24V
  • wo Banana Connector to hook on E-Load
  • Either Type-C Plug or Receptacle for easy connection
  • Micro USB for PC console connection
  • Dimension : 88.90 x 57.79mm