Mechanical Test Fixture- Wrenching Strength Testing of USB-C Connector

Product ID: AUM16009-S2

Product Summary

This USB Type-C mechanical test fixture(AUM-16009-S2)is specifically designed for wrenching strength test of the Type-C connector family. It aims to test strength tolerance to conform with the specifications of the USB Type-C Certification Group B7.


It applies to all USB Type-C family, including plug connectors and cables.

Key Feature

  • Designed for the Wrentching Strength Testing of USB the Type-C Connector family
  • Following USB Type-C Connectors and Cable Assemblies Compliance Document Rev.1.0


  • 33.5 x 16 x 12 mm
  • Operating Temperature 0° ~ 55° C
  • Part No.: AUM-16009-S2