USB-C® – USB 2.0 A to Receptacle C

Product ID: AUT17011

Product Summary

USB Type-C® has gradually become the market’s focus. However, since many devices on the market still use Type-A, vendors face issues in connecting different type of USB connectors (e.g. Connecting Type-A Plug to Type-C Receptacle). In order to better serve our clients, Allion develops a Test Fixture, which can perfectly convert USB 2.0 signal from Type-A Plug to Type-C Receptacle.

This Fixture has been approved by USB-IF


Applicable in PHY, Protocol, Power, IOP (Gold Tree) Tests

Key Feature

  • Convert USB 2.0 signal from Type-A Plug to Type-C Receptacle
  • Use Jumper to setting the DUT into different status (Source/Sink)


  • Type-C Full Spec Receptacle connector
  • Type A USB 2.0 Plug Connector
  • Two 3 Pins Jumper with Short Pin
  • Dimension: 27.56 x 16.26mm