USB-C® – Digital Power Meter 2.0

Product ID: AU17012

Product Summary

A unique USB-C Digital Power Meter (AU17012) which provides an easy way to measure precise voltage (Vbus, Vconn,CC1, CC2) and current between charger and charging device(Vbus & Vconn).


  1. USB-IF USB-C PD IOP Testing
  2. Monitor voltage and current Status

Key Feature

  1. Measure voltage on CC1/CC2/VBus/Vconn
  2. Measure Current on Vbus & Vconn
  3. Real-time & accurate reporting with csv log
  4. Pass through of all USB2.0 and USB3.1 Gen2 data
  5. Smaller Dimension, Easy to carry


  • 1x USB-C Plug & 1x USB-C Receptacle for DUT connecting
  • 1x USB-C Receptacle connector for Host PC Utility Communication
  • HW Bottom for calibration (Redefine the initial measure point)
  • Action Element for Test Tool: Only Windows
  • Dimension : 65.00 x 28.00mm


ALLION : USB-C IOP Test Fixture