USB-C® – USB 2.0 Plug to Micro B

Product ID: AUT17034-CPMU

Product Summary

This fixture is suggested to be used with BC Ver1.2 UCEPT (with Micro-B connector only).
The two fixtures are designed for USB BC V1.2 testing on USB-C SRC & SNK (Recetacple) products.

USB Charging/Protocol/Electrical Tester(UCPET)


BC V1.2 Certification Test

Key Feature

1. Convert high-spped singe from USB-C Plug to Micro USB Receptacle Connector
2. Offers independent ternary switch for CC1/CC2 (RD Pull-high, RD Pull Down, Floating)


  • USB-C Full Spec Plug connector
  • Micro USB Receptacle Connector
  • Two SP3T Slide Switches
  • Dimension : 29.72 x 16.26mm (Excluding the connector part)


The Fixture has been approved by USB-IF.