USB Inrush

Product ID: AUT20010

Product Summary

The design of the new Inrush fixture has been downsized, enabling adopters to purchase the needed amount for testing. The cables over the Vbus are also enhanced to improve the durability.


  • USB Logo Certification
  • Inrush Current Test
  • Signal Quality Measurement

Key Feature

  • The adoption of a banana female connector design greatly lowers the possibility of cables breaking.
  • Smaller board size and shorter signal transmissions will deliver better testing qualities.


  • One USB A Rceptacle for DUT
  • One USB B Receptacle for Input
  • Two 2.0mm Banana for Vbus Current Measurement
  • One Toggle Swict for Vbus Connected/Disconnected
  • Dimension : 55.0 x 22.5 mm