USB Charging/Protocol/Electrical Tester

Product ID: UCPET

Product Summary

USB Charging/Protocol/Electrical Tester (UCPET) is the automatic test equipment designed for USB Battery Charging Spec V1.2 (USB BC V1.2). It has also been approved by USB-IF as the standard test solution for USB BC V1.2. UCPET aims to verify the product to conform with the USB-IF specification and to efficiently assist customers in USB BC1.2 products development, debugging and validation.


It applies to the products which support USB Battery Charging Spec V1.2.

Key Feature

  • Support BC 1.2 compliance test for DCP, CDP and PD categories
  • Support manual function
  • Software features simulate oscilloscope function
  • Support bypass capacitance checking

UCPET Accessory

In order to test USB Type-C products, which support USB BC V1.2, via UCPET, Allion develops Test Fixtures that can (1) perfectly convert Type-C signals; (2) switch the DUT into Sink/Source status via slide switches.

The Fixtures have been approved by USB-IF.