Allion USB-C® USB 2.0 Receptacle HS SQ Fixture

Product Summary

For the Electrical Test of USB Type-C® (Device), Allion develops a Test Fixture that can perfectly convert USB 2.0 signal from Type-C Receptacle to SMA. This fixture helps our clients validate signal quality of their products.


Test USB Type-C® 2.0 Device, HS/FS/LS SQ, and Package Parameter

Key Feature

  • Convert USB 2.0 signal from Type-C Receptacle to SMA
  • Switch the device into Initial/Test Position during HS SQ Test
  • Switch different Power Sources, including Self Power and Bus Power
  • Use Tripartite Switches to shift the DUT into different status (Source/Sink)


  • Three Type-C Receptacle for Host/Device and Power.
  • Two SMA Connector to hook on Scope
  • Two SP3T Slide Switchs; One DP3T Slide Switch
  • Dimension : 29.72 x 16.26mm
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