RF Validation Service

Internet of Things (IoT) has sophisticated the applications of wireless technology. However, manufacturers often find difficulties to validate signal quality. Allion thus develops Radio Frequency (RF) Validation Service, directing vendors to launch competitive products to the market.


Find Issues in the Design Early Stage  

Allion has abundant wireless testing capacity, which enables us to provide a comprehensive RF Validation service. Besides meeting the RF requirements of various wireless technologies, Allion’s RF experts can specifically address your issues at the early stage of the production process, accelerating product launching schedule. For example, we are able to assist you with choosing, designing, and testing the components of your devices (e.g. antenna and PCB Board) before you assemble them into your finished products. Moreover, if your product supports multi-protocol wireless connectivity, we are able to provide you a customized test environment, preventing interference among different wireless signals.

The figure below shows the diverse applications of wireless technologies:

Test Items of RF Validation Test

 Performance Test 

Ensure the performance of various wireless technologies (e.g. 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee, etc.) by analyzing the efficiency of antenna, the transmit accuracy/receive sensitivity of module, and the TRP/TIS results of product.

  Noise Analysis  

Interference might affect wireless performance. To find the possible  root-cause of noises, we can observe the noise distribution in frequency domain. Generally,  noises were occurred by PCB layout, Connectors, CPU and GPU, etc.


Different user scenarios might degrade wireless performance. For example, “Wi-Fi De-Sense” is often caused by plugging USB 3.0 dongle into PC. Therefore, we design (or duplicate) various test scenarios to help our clients find root-causes of their De-Sense Issues.


Coexistence issues could be caused by using the wireless technologies that have similar frequency bands simultaneously. For example, users might find latencies or sudden stops when watching YouTube videos (the devices were connected by Wi-Fi) with their Bluetooth speakers. Allion thus design various scenarios (e.g. creating different disturbances) to help vendors find and resolve coexistence issues.


Test Environment


Test Equipment

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