Privacy Policy

Allion Labs, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Allion”) respects and protects your privacy. To help you understand how Allion collects, processes and uses your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

I. Scope of Application 

1. Privacy Policy applies to situations where we collect, process and use your personal information in association with any business you conduct with Allion or any Allion activity you participate in, including enrolling in seminars/courses, registering website membership, or subscribing to E-newsletters, etc., or submitting questions, suggestions and comments via telephone, fax or our websites (including Allion official website and the websites of various Allion departments).

2. Allion will not be held jointly liable for any websites which are connected to Allion website but are owned and maintained by third parties, and in such case their own Privacy Policy shall apply.

II. Collecting, Processing and Using Personal Information 

1. You will be required to provide your personal information as adequate and necessary when conducting business with ALLION or participating in activities held by Allion. In addition, Allion will process and use your personal information only within the scope of specific purpose as you agreed upon. Allion will not use your personal information for any other purposes without your written consent.

2. If you submit any inquiry to Allion by telephone, fax or through websites, please provide your correct telephone, fax number or email address for reply purposes.

3. When processing your personal information, Allion will comply with relevant internal procedures and information security requirements to adopt necessary staff control measures.

4. No identifiable personal information will be collected by Allion for simply browsing or downloading files from Allion websites.

III. Sharing Personal Information with Third Party 

1. Allion will not provide, exchange, lease or sell your personal information to other persons, organizations, private corporations or public institutions, unless due to legal or contractual obligations.

2. The “legal or contractual obligations” in the previous paragraph to share your personal information with a third party include, but are not limited to, the following circumstances:
(1) to cooperate with legal investigation initiated by judicial authorities;
(2) to cooperate with competent authorities in discharge of their duties to investigate or use (such as financial audit carried out by the National Audit Office of the R.O.C. or a certified public accountant);
(3) a good-faith belief that the disclosure of your personal information is required by law;
(4) to determine your identity, to provide contact information or to take legal actions, when necessary, if you as a website visitor violate the service terms of Allion, or are likely to jeopardize or interfere with the interests of Allion or result in damages to any person;
(5) to fulfill contractual obligations under outsourcing contracts.

3. Allion will fulfill the responsibilities for supervising and managing the vendors or individuals whom Allion has engaged to collect, process or use your personal information.

IV. Use of Cookies

1. Based on the needs of website internal management and to optimize customer services, our websites use Cookies to collect from website visitors certain data, such as IP addresses, log-in periods, and hits information for total analysis of site traffic and visitors’ online behaviors. No analysis will be performed on the perspective of “individual” website visitors.

2. Website visitors may disable Cookies. Please note that certain functions of Allion websites will not be available once Cookies are disabled.

V. Server Records 

If you use any browser, application program or other means to visit Allion websites, our servers will automatically record specific technical information. Such server records may include your web page requests, Internet IP address, type of browser, language of browser, the date and time on which requests were sent, etc. These server records will be used as reference for server management only. Allion will not use any information in server records to perform analysis of any “individual” website visitors.

VI. Amendment to Privacy Policy 

In order to achieve the goal of protecting privacy and online security, Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time in accordance with any amendments to the laws, developments of relevant technologies and/or adjustments of internal management system. Whenever our Privacy Policy is amended, Allion will immediately display a notice on our websites to provide you with the chance to review the changed terms prior to continuing to use the sites.