AI Robotic Testing for Mesh Wi-Fi Systems
Allion is introducing the AI Robotic Testing for your generation - copy

Allion IoT Innovation Center collects different devices with large variety of wireless technologies and cloud services. We also built multiple kinds of user scenarios based on real-world experiences, allowing us to help our clients validate their IoT products and eliminate potential issues before they release their products to the market.

Allion – AI Robotic Testing- Case Study

Allion’s Automotive Validation

Allion is introducing the AI Robotic Testing for your generation

AI Robotic Testing-Two Case Studies

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Smart Home

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Smart Healthcare II: Measuring Wireless Signal Performance

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Smart Healthcare I: Device Interoperability and Interference

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Unmanned Stores

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] The Newly-Launched AI Robotic Testing

Allion SCDC/EDID Controller -「AJSC-1」

Allion Tech Channel (Episode 2: How to validate/certify a smart TV?)

Title: Allion Tech Channel (Episode 1: What is RF?)

Introduction of Allion Cable & Connector Validation Center

Allion Innovation Center

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