AI Robotic Testing for Mesh Wi-Fi Systems
Allion Vehicle Validation Services

Allion IoT Innovation Center collects different devices with large variety of wireless technologies and cloud services. We also built multiple kinds of user scenarios based on real-world experiences, allowing us to help our clients validate their IoT products and eliminate potential issues before they release their products to the market.

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Allion – AI Robotic Testing- Case Study

Allion’s Automotive Validation

Allion is introducing the AI Robotic Testing for your generation

AI Robotic Testing-Two Case Studies

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Smart Home

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Smart Healthcare II: Measuring Wireless Signal Performance

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Smart Healthcare I: Device Interoperability and Interference

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] Unmanned Stores

[Allion’s AIoT Validation] The Newly-Launched AI Robotic Testing

Allion SCDC/EDID Controller -「AJSC-1」

Allion Tech Channel (Episode 2: How to validate/certify a smart TV?)

Title: Allion Tech Channel (Episode 1: What is RF?)

Introduction of Allion Cable & Connector Validation Center

Allion Innovation Center

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At Allion, our commitment to serving our global customers and fulfilling our corporate responsibility mission drives us to establish local bases worldwide. Our goal is to provide prompt service to our valued local customers, offering comprehensive product testing, customized application solutions, and expert engineering consulting services.