Did you know that wind tunnels
need to go through 3,000 hours of testing?

Once activated, servers must run 24/7 round the clock. Even a tiny piece of component, such as wind tunnel, is required to deliver optimal performance in harsh environmental conditions.
Every piece of components on the servers should go through validations to meet the high performance requirements.

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  • Platform Reference Design
  • Signal Integrity Test (SATA, SAS, PCIe, Memory, Ethernet)
  • Component Test (PSU, Fan, Airflow)
  • Compliance Test (OCP, NVMe, SNIA, JEDEC, TCG Storage, IPMI…)

Compatibility Test

  • Operating System (Windows, Ubuntu, RHEL, SLES, CentOS…)
  • Virtualization Platform (VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen…)
  • Pluggable Components (HDD, SSD, RAID, PCIe Cards, CPU, DIMM)
  • External Ecosystem (SAN, Fibre Network, Brand Specific Hardware)

Reliability and Performance Test

  • High Reliability (24×7, SLA Uptime)
  • Thermal & Voltage Resilience
  • Fault Tolerance, HW Redundancy
  • System Performance
  • Enterprise Application Performance (Web, OLTP, Virtualization, NoSQL…)

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Over $150 million investment on test facilities


  • HALT System Model Typhoon 4
  • HALT System Model Typhoon 8


  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)
  • HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening)


  • LW-9185 AMCA 210 Wind Tunnel


This model follows the AMCA 210 standard Fig.12 & 15 two-in-one structures.

  • PQ Measurement
  • SRC Measurement
  • RQ Measurement

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Signal Integrity tests includes graphic interface, power measurement, I/O Interface to ensure signal strengths.

Connectivity of servers can be verified through tests such as SAS SFP+, U.2, PCIe, SAS. Allion fixture is a useful tool in cabcon tests.

Allion Wind Tunnel Test is compliant with the AMCA 210 Compliance, and is designed to test different types of wind tunnels.

Performance is not the only key to making high-quality servers, consistency in quality is equally important. Allion provides customized tests to verify your product durability.

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Install software or drivers onto servers to ensure they are functional.

Allion tests the interoperability between server and RAM to unveil the potential issues.

To minimize the risks of product recall, reliability tests are the key to consistent quality.

This customizable test can be tailored to different types of servers, unveil defects, and improve performances.

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