Allion Labs: A Leading Expert in PC System Validation

National and global brands trust Allion for many reasons—30+ years of system testing experience, rigorous quality assurance, and our leading role in industry standard development.

During different stages of product development, Allion can help identify potential risks with SQA and HQA services. Before the start of mass production, we assist you to ensure the product quality and achieve the production schedule on time.

Allion is your best choice for PC system validation.

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Validation makes perfect

Allion provides validation services tailored for OEMs, ODMs, brands, component manufacturers to ensure quality at every touchpoint in the supply chain.

Usability and flexibility are key factors in building a good user experience. Allion Software Validation Test Lab enables developers to comprehensively validate the performance of their devices. In real-house simulations, developers can learn how well their devices perform in different environments and circumstances.

OS Validation

● Preload
● Windows Upgrade
● Jump Start

APP Validation

● Network
● Storage
● Others

Driver Validation

● In – House
● 3rd Party

In the past thirty years, Allion has focused on organizing and analyzing test reports derived from thousands of SQA tests. According to our test experiences, software validations are crucial in capturing defects that could be potential risks that sabotage user experiences. Here is what you need to do to enhance your software:

OS Validation

  • Out-of-box Experiences
  • Longrun, manual tests, BSoD or Black Screen

  • Longrun, device manager–driver lost (yellow bag)

App Validation

  • HDCP does not give the right response, and the video cannot be played
  • While testing the functions of Modern Standby, the execution of antivirus software causes black screens and BSoD

  • While installing video communications software, the system freezes and cannot be fixed unless users restart the device

Driver Validation

  • The screen jitters when playing videos or animations
  • Audio cracks or goes mute when music or video is being played

  • Biometric authentication does not function properly, fail to recognize face or fingerprints

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Starting early to wipe out the potential risks is crucial in the product life cycle. With Allion’s solutions, developers can comprehensively inspect the performance of their products and find issues early.

Hardware Designs & Validation

Signal Integrity

● High-Speed Interface
● Power Delivery
● Monitor Interface
● I/O Interfaces
● Memory Interface
● Cable and Connector Testing

Component Integration Testing

RF Validation

● Antenna RF Performance
●End-Devices Design and Testing
● Vertical Cell Small Chamber Design and Implementation
● Embedded System Module Testing
● EMI/ EMS and RF Performance Testing
● RF Safety Testing

Reliability Testing

● Environmental Test
● Temperature Test
● Humidity Test
● Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)
● Shock and Vibration Test

Vendors have to keep in mind that leaving issues unattended could cause serious consequences, as these defects could be carried on to the later stage of your product life cycle an. The Allion Team has organized some of the frequently seen issues when conducting hardware validations and debugging analysis.

Signal Integrity

When launching a new product, it is essential to consider various factors that could affect the signal strengths of your device. Allion provides debugging analysis and validations in the early stage of product life cycle so you can avoid defects later on.

Interface/Testing Items

– Clock/Data: Fail
– Data Eye: Fall
– Address/Command Timing: Fall

Potential Risks

  • Data Loss
  • System Crash

– Electrical Test: Fail

  • Data Transmit Slow
  • Data Loss

Interface/Testing Items

– Data Setup: Fail
– Hold Time: Fail


Potential Risks

  • Data Transmit Slow
  • Data Loss

MIPI D – phy
– Voltage/Timing: Fail

  • Data Transmit Slow
  • Imagination Transmit Delay
  • Data Loss

RF Validation

Diverse IoT applications make wireless signal interference issues even worse. Besides the transmission performance of a product’s antenna, vendors should pay attention to the noise interference stemming from internal electronic components. Different user behavior will also cause transmission performance to drop, and mutual interference will occur when multiple devices are using the same frequency band.

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A PC/IPC system is consisting of complex hardware components. Allion provides one-stop solutions, spanning from system, audio, displays, embedded controller, components, SSD, and wireless technologies, to build customized test cases for our clients.

Allion is also a market leader in incorporating AI-driven automations onto test cycles, with the goal to increase work efficiency and shorten the time to market.

Here are what we have learned from past testing experiences, the following are potential risks that we have tackled:

Embedded Components

  • Interferences when transmitting data
  • Abnormality in power supplies

  • Cannot be recognized


  • Ghost image/flicker screen
  • Failure to install drivers

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®

  • Failure to connect (AP/Bluetooth®)
  • Delivering incorrect message when switching the internet

Hardware (Hard Disk, Keyboard)

  • When undergoing format, the disk cannot operate properly
  • Inconsistent performance of the “ctrl” button on the right hand side.

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In this world of IoT, tech ecosystems are thriving at an unprecedented speed and scale. Nowadays, each brand could have its own ecosystem of smart devices for different scenarios: smart city, smart home, smart office, and many more. Therefore, we need to verify a product in terms of its interoperability, functionality, and stability within an ecosystem.

For brand companies favoring the product ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) model, the keys to great product performance are efficient ODM project management of product designs and production.

Allion launches the QRS (Quality Requirement Specification) Programs for notable brands to have better control of their ODM business model. The program defines test specifications to ensure the products are compliant with industry standards, while accelerating the growth of a seamlessly interoperable ecosystem. Allion’s QRS program will assist brand companies in delivering better user experiences when using Allion qualified products.

Brand Ecosystem QRS Program
Program for ODM Ecosystem

● Resource Management
● Project Management
● Testing Capability
● Third-party Endorsement

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With accumulated experiences in compliance certifications, Allion ensures your products are compliant with the industry standards, such as Wireless, I/O, and A/V. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate certifications for your products and assist you in gaining the competitive advantages in the market.

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