AI PC/IPC Industry Engineering Services

High-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) have become pivotal forces in revolutionizing various industries, including the PC and industrial PC market. PC and IPC are becoming more AI-capable. Both PC and IPC vendors are starting to roll out new AI models, aiming to drive the AI ecosystem.

With years of experience, Allion understands the challenges associated with the dynamic landscape. While HPC and AI offer advantages, the risks they create can seem overwhelming. How do enterprises navigate this complex ecosystem to ensure timely, high-quality product launches?

Eight Challenges Faced by Manufacturers


With over 30 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the latest technological advancements, Allion provides comprehensive consulting services to purchasers, service providers, and brands.

Quality Management Consultancy

With a thorough understanding of product requirements across various ecosystems and involvement in over a million projects, Allion works closely with ecosystem platform providers, brands, solution providers, and product manufacturers to provide strategic quality management consulting services.
Project Management Consultancy
Strategy Plan Consultancy
Test Methodology Consultancy
User Scenario Simulation Consultancy
Debug Consultancy
Bug Management Consultancy
ODM Management
Factory Quality Consultancy

RFQ/Tender Consultancy

As an accredited laboratory by global leading associations, we assist terminal customers in implementing new standards and making quality improvement plans, covering aspects like product specifications, market research and competitive analysis, supplier selection, and pre-launch checks. This ensures the quality of products.
Specification Definition Consultancy

QRS Consultancy

Allion ensures product performance by providing customized improvement plans that cover a set of testing items and specifications. This helps clients expand their product ecosystem and deliver an unprecedented end-user experience.
Specification Definition Consultancy
Working Flow Definition Consultancy

Component Selection/Suggestion Consultancy

With years of experience and knowledge of practical applications of ecosystem, Allion assists clients in verifying the quality of critical components and provides selection recommendations. Additionally, we can recommend high-quality suppliers, saving clients' time searching for qualified vendors.
Component Evaluation
Supplier Introduction

User Scenario Simulation Consultancy

Allion stays abreast of technological advancements and practical applications of ecosystem in various industries. We provide exceptional verification and consulting services by creating real user's usage enviroments for usage simulation.
Application Field Simulation
User Experience
User Reliability (Working mode)
CA/Benchmark Report

User Acceptance Consultancy

User acceptance testing has always been a pain for product developers. With extensive project experience in user scenario simulation and verification, Allion helps clients formulate acceptance testing plans and conduct on-site acceptance testing.
Methodology Design
On-site/Off-site Acceptance Service

Failure Analysis/Debug Consultancy

Over the past 30 years, Allion has assisted numerous clients in handling over a million bugs, accumulating diverse practical experiences. We provide root-cause analysis of customer complaints and recommendations to improve performance.
Issue Assessment
Issue Verification Planning
Fixture Design
Issue Verification Execution
Result Analysis
Solution Suggestion

AI/Auto Solution Consultancy

Allion's AI automation solutions ensure products perform to the required specifications and ensure 100% acceptance testing for critical components (e.g. high-speed cables).
Customized Solution
Compliance Solution

Compliance Consultancy

Our testing and verification services are built on extensive testing experience and verification techniques. Our services include Wireless, I/O, and A/V testing and certifications to ensure products comply with required standards. We also assist terminal customers with membership applications, certification applications, supplier management, and offer suggestions for new product specifications.
Membership apply
Submission consultant
Critical Item Inspection/Validation

Factory Quality Consultancy

As a QA partner with global leading brands, Allion has years of experience in production line QA and has developed standard operation procedures. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Allion has created a remote project management plan to address issues such as COVID-19 limitations on business travel for QA engineers. This plan enables effective management of local production line engineers. It allows for flexible adjustments in response to the operational status of production lines and provides real-time feedback to the clients.

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Most Experience Consulting Service

With over 30 years of experience and industrial expertise, Allion is committed to providing clients with faster, easier, and better solutions to ensure enterprises address problems and seize opportunities and enhance company value and competitiveness.

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