A customizable IIoT Solution for your use case

In the last industrial revolution, machines were introduced, and a significant part of human workforce were replaced by automations. The result is a huge leap in work efficiency, productivity, and consistent quality.

As we are on the brink of a new era, the mindset of industries has been reshaped with the idea of utilizing data and smart technologies. The goal is to build a communicating network of things and people that allow enterprises to make smart and meaningful decisions.

To achieve the goal, the process of data collection is the key. In the past, collecting data could be challenging and even life-threatening, especially in facilities associated with high risks or large and spacious fields. Some working scenarios such as 24/7 monitoring, data analysis, and real-time updates of logistics, also require the assistance of digital workforces and new solutions.

Allion IIoT Solution is specifically designed to provide customized solutions for businesses that are ready to embrace industrial IoT. Our solution includes software and hardware integration, cloud-based platforms that can be customized and utilized in six different applications.

Big-data Analysis –

Allion AI Engine System

Allion AI Engine System is certified by the Institute of Information Industry (III) for passing the Intelligent IT Security Assessment System. 

The AI Engine System is able to collect and analyze massive amounts of data. The system can transfer the collected data into controllable factors for smart production lines, and monitor real-time performance for each and every workstation.

On-site Monitoring –


This AIoT BRIDGE is specifically designed to support 24/7 remote monitoring and preventive maintenance in large and spacious fields. It is used to gather data from all sensors in the field and send the information back to the AI Engine System.

Sensors & Integration

Allion IIoT Solution supports various types of sensors and systems, seamless connections despite different I/O interfaces.

Allion IIoT Solutions

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