Efficient Project Management

Each project team is composed of top-flight test engineers, a senior technical manager, and a project manager. Before testing begins, Allion works with the client to confirm the test method, schedule and other contractual details. Project managers communicate with clients and supervise projects. For instance, the project manager provides the client with frequent project updates and responds to client concerns.


Detailed Scenario Report

Allion provides clients with complete test reports that document test plans, test results and proposed solutions. After the test engineer finishes testing and prepares the test report, both the project manager and senior technical manager perform an in depth review to ensure technical accuracy. Allion considers quality assurance the foremost crucial step in testing and is dedicated to strict internal quality assurance procedures to provide clients with the most reliable test results.


Allion e-Service System Online Project Management

The Allion e-Service System is a collaborative service platform designed to improve project efficiency, quality and management. All test results, issues, reports, and other relevant content is submitted to the e-Service System after being review by the senior technical manager and project manager. This online tool allows clients to access testing information at their convenience.


Reliable DUT Storage Management

To safeguard  product confidentiality, Allion catalogs all client products and devices with a standard barcoding system upon receiving. While in our custody, DUTs (Devices Under Test) are kept in a secure access controlled storage room. Our DUT inventory management system tracks device location and can be used to quickly search for products based on a variety of conditions.


Security Systems

Allion’s offices are protected by security professionals who perform routine patrol checks and monitor the automated security system. This system includes both 24×7 video surveillance and infrared motion detection sensors. In case of intrusion, the automated security system will alert relevant units to take further measures. Besides these proactive measures, Allion facilities are also protected with an access control card system that helps deter intruders.
To ensure that confidential information remains private, Allion has established an Information Security Management (ISM) system that protects our digital assets from internal and external threats.

Allion’s project database is protected by a multi-stage security system including routers, firewalls, intrusion detection, malware blocking, and antivirus software. As a result, our internal networks maintain a safe and reliable information storage environment. Data transmission between servers and clients uses 1024 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption for advanced security. Spare hosts are used to backup online applications and test reports for information redundancy and fault-tolerance. To avoid catastrophic data loss, all vital information is also stored remotely in a secure location.

01 高效的專案管理

所有的測試專案都將會由特定的專案管理小組負責,並由資深經理督導整個專案流程以及與客戶間的溝通交流。 測試開始前,百佳泰會針對特定專案與客戶確認測試方法、時程及合約細項,具備多國語言能力的PM會依顧客需求提供中、英、日等不同語言的協助。在測試進行的過程中,更會確保每週提供最即時的測試的進度報告。

02 詳盡的測試報告

每一階段的測試結束後,百佳泰皆會提供客戶完整的測試總結報告,詳細記載測試計畫、測試結果、以及針對問題的分析解決建議。 在測試過程中,將實行三階段的報告審查:測試工程師執行測試提供資料後,PM及技術主管皆會詳細檢閱內容以確保其準確性。百佳泰將品質保證視為測試中最重要的一環,並致力於遵守嚴謹的內部品質控管流程,以提供客戶最可靠的測試結果。

03 Allion eService System- 線上專案管理系統

“Allion e-Service System” 是專為客戶開發,以提供更高效率、最佳品質與管理功能的服務平臺。 在經過技術主管與PM詳細的檢閱過後,所有的測試結果、測試問題報告、結案報告或相關參考資料將會被儲存在此管理系統中,以高規格的安全控管防止資料外泄,並且讓客戶隨時隨地可取得產品的最新測試進度。

04 可靠的待測物管理

為了確保客戶未上市產品的機密性,百佳泰在收到客戶的待測物時(DUT;Device under Test),便會貼上標準格式的識別標籤、並妥善紀錄該筆資產。 所有待測物皆會被安全的存放在有嚴密控管的儲物室中,透過百佳泰的待測物管理系統,可快速依據各種條件搜尋客戶的待測物品。


05 安全管理




此外,百佳泰的測試資料庫由多階安全系統做最嚴密的安全保護,包括路由器、防火牆、入侵偵測與防禦和防毒系統。高度安全的網路提供測試實驗室安全且可靠的環境。所有伺服器與使用端之間資料的傳輸都使用了1024 bit的SSL(Secure Socket Layer)技術來加密,以提供既可靠且完整的保密連結。不定時的利用備援主機備份所有的線上申請資料及測試報告,以確保資料的及時性。而為了避免任何突發狀況造成資料的毀損,包括每日資料檔案及每週系統檔的所有線上申請資料和測試報告都由國際資料資訊(IDC)站執行遠端備份,以保障資訊的安全存放。

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