We Contribute to the Development of Industry Standards

For 30 years, Allion has been providing testing and consulting services in the IT industry. We’ve built a database with 10+ million real-world test results and created automotive test solutions ranging from the physical layer to the application layer. Besides, we play a leading role in RF validation and test fixture design. Our signal analysis tools are certified by international associations and global brands.

As a pioneer and market leader in the testing industry, Allion works closely with global associations to develop industry standards. We also cooperate with prestigious automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, and Mazda. Our testing capabilities cover wired and wireless automotive networking applications:

Automotive Ethernet

We Drive You to Achieve Quality and Safety

With rich experience in head unit testing, Allion helps you bring out the best in your product.

Based on our test results accumulated over the past few decades, the top 3 most annoying in-car issues are—malfunctions (69%), pairing problems (32%), and single- or multi-device connection failures (28%). These issues not only affect the driving experience but also pose a real risk to driving safety.

We Save Your Time and Money with Advanced Equipment and Experience

Allion possesses the knowledge of head unit testing and multi-million-dollar test equipment. Along with our highly specialized team of project management, we can satisfy different needs of automakers or head unit manufacturers—testing, consulting, report analysis, or even test environment setup.

Quality Management Standard for Head Units

● Extensive experience and expertise in head unit testing

● Engineering and PM teams are always on-site when you need us

● Testing and training services for test equipment

● Test environment setup and management

● No-delay service and rush order management

● Speed up you product development by 50%

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Automation Test Solution

This head unit AI test solution includes Allion IVI Robot Testing Platform and in-car voice assistant testing. We achieve higher test accuracy and efficiency by using sensors, robotic arms, visual and audio recognition system, and AI testing control system.

Equipment and Facilities

Multi-Million-Dollar Test Equipment and Facilities

For more information on Allion Automotive Head Unit Validation, please contact us.