Empowering with AI

Allion is a pioneer in integrating AI solutions with visual recognition, audio sensor, big data analysis, and smart automation. Our AI Solution can be customized for various applications, spanning across industries, user-scenarios, products, and services.


Visual recognition, real-time AI monitoring, and smart automation are utilized to build smarter and safer factory, boosting the overall work efficiency as well as ensuring safety working environments.


With AI, we can optimize product development and testing workflow systematically. AI-driven validation is not only easier to maintain and control, but also time-saving as it smartly automates the routine works, enabling people to freely engage in innovative tasks.


Allion integrates AI tools to simulate user behaviors and different scenarios within the entire ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to identify potential issues for each smart ecosystem and turn them into reality.


Allion’s Smart Car Validation offers a series of AI testing to verify sensors, controllers, and in-car communication devices. We ensure every part of your vehicle works efficiently and seamlessly with each other, delivering exceptional driving experiences that meet users’ expectations.