Allion Networking & Wireless Product Validations

In April 2020, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the opening of the 6GHz frequency. Since then, industry-leading brands have subsequently launched products that support Wi-Fi 6E, leading the world into the next chapter of wireless network and the Internet of Things.

Concurrently, manufacturers and developers are faced with new challenges on product designs. As the 6GHz frequency band is opened for higher-speed transmission, the TRP of devices need to be adjusted and meet higher requirements to avoid mutual coexistence issues.  A new testing approach is needed to validate the products.

Allion now provides testing services for Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E certifications, and key wireless technologies that play a crucial role in today’s IoT ecosystem, including BBF.398, Bluetooth, LoRa, Wi-SUN, etc. Our services further extend to performance testing, ensuring that your wireless devices such as APs, routers, mobile phones, and smart devices meet the requirements of your users.

The use of composite wireless technologies poses a great challenge for developers. Abundant factors need to be taken into consideration to avoid wireless signal interferences.

Allion offers a series of validation services for various components, such as antennas, chips, and modules. With our Signal Integrity Testing Center and RF Test Labs, we ensure that these components deliver consistent quality and stable wireless transmissions as they work in different environments and scenarios.

Allion helps you define good user experience with our performance tests.  A wide spectrum of test cases, from interoperability tests, benchmark tests to real-house simulations, developers can comprehensively understand the performance of their products here at Allion Labs.

AWE TR-398 is designed for Wireless Access Point/Router ODMs and telecom service providers to validate their products with Broadband Forum’s TR-398 performance test cases.

As the world embraces 5G and IoT technologies, Wi-Fi also plays a key role in the development of in-premise wireless networks, especially for population dense environments. This higher demand for quality networks brings new tasks for developers and test labs alike. Over the years, Allion has been working on AI-driven automation tools to increase the efficiency of test workflows in order to cope with the increasingly complex product designs. We are ready to provide solutions to better your APs and routers.

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