IoT technology has opened a brand-new lifestyle to people. In Allion IoT Innovation Center, we structured five types of user scenarios, including single, family, and school lives, allowing clients to validate the functionality, performance, and interoperability of their products.

Internet of Things (IoT) has sophisticated the applications of wireless technology. However, manufacturers often find difficulties to validate signal quality. Allion thus develops Radio Frequency (RF) Validation Service, directing vendors to launch competitive products to the market.

An In-Vehicle-Infotainment hub is the latest development in next generation information systems bridging the long anticipated link between Car, IT system and the end-user beyond the existing framework of “Car Navigation”, “Car Audio”. 

With our newly-established state of the art independent cable & connector testing center, combined with our superior professional experts in the cable/connector fields, we are able to fully assist in a variety of advanced testing items such as electrical, mechanical, and environmental for your prime products, and ensure they attain peak performance in global markets.

With the continued innovation of an improvement of IoT technology, wireless device providers have also developed various applications such as Wi-Fi smart controllers, Bluetooth devices, 3G,4G and GPS devices. Allion has developed various testing solutions for clients to validate the performance, interoperability and to obtain logo certification of wireless devices to satisfy  user environment or work place requirements.

Since the prevailing trend of thin and light design has been more and more popular, Solid State Drive (SSD) will definitely replace traditional Hard Disk Drives in the near future.

To remain competitive, Mobile Device manufacturers must deliver superior technology at economical prices. Allion helps companies build better products by offering professional engineering services for every stage of product development. 

Allion can customize your interoperability test plan. Through our testsing, you can reduce development cost, connection failure risks, customer complaints, etc. We are your best interoperability quality partner. 

Software verification and validation is arguably the most important stage of the entire software development process. Since software system and user interface designs are increasingly complex, Allion offers "Software Validation" and "User Experience Optimization" solutions that consist of scenario-based/behavior-driven testing, issue identification, and debugging support.