Hardware design challenges and related issues occur in the early stages of product development. Our superior professional testing solutions are able to assist and empower our client’s to pinpoint potential risks and issues for the revisal and version updates of during product development. 

As opposed to benchmark testing, which is purely testing and comparing, competitive analysis creates more value than you can even imaginable.

Testing your device at Allion has proven your determination in achieving the highest-level quality standard. By submitting your device(s) to our facilities, Allion will reward you with additional support that you may find helpful during your product marketing campaign when the product is being promoted to your buyers or deploying into the marketplaces.

Allion is experienced in assisting leading product developers (brands and buyers) manage product quality from local suppliers (OEMs/ODMs). Acknowledging the complexity of supply chain management, Allion provides fully-customizable support solutions. We offer pre-quality inspection, factory quality control, and pre-stage certification services that can lower your overall efforts and costs.

Allion is among the few accredited test laboratories offering comprehensive UPnP and UPnP+ testing services

The Cisco® Compatible Extension program provides certification for wireless devices that are interoperable with a broad range of cisco devices and networks.

DLNA outlines the accreditation requirements for retrieving and transmitting digital contents between well-matched DLNA devices. With DLNA technology you can stream, upload and download any of your favorite media content, but only with DLNA compatible device. DLNA makes it easier to share and access digital contents as you desire.

FeliCa is a contactless RFID (Radio Frequency ID) card technology used for convenient payment and other transactions. You don’t need any additional power supply or devices, simply place the FeliCa card within 10 centimeters from the FeliCa compatible card reader and you can activate your payments or transactions. It is simple and convenient.

HDCP is a standard implemented to protect digital entertainment content. High-Definition content, such as digital motion pictures, television programs and audio are protected from unauthorized interference.