Allion Cable-Connector Multiport System 40G (ACMS4)

ACMS4 is an automation solution designed for S-parameter measurements of high frequency multiport applications.

This solution (VNA + 64ports switch + test fixtures) is a high efficiency equipment for tests and measurements as well as faster and easier to DUT changes to shorten all the project schedules.

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Total Solution
for Server with Cable & Connector

Allion has independently developed various test fixtures, many of which have been recognized by leading international associations such as USB, HDMI Forum, and VESA.

Specifically for server testing, we have developed the Allion Cable-Connector Multiport System 40G (ACMS4) automation solution based on the Allion Cable and Connector Multiport System (ACMS). This solution enhances testing convenience and efficiency for server, and it corresponds to multiple testing scenarios and cable/connector specifications, meeting all your expected requirements and achieving high-frequency automation testing for servers.

Allion Cable-Connector Multiport System 40G (ACMS4) Advantages

◎ Faster
– 25 times measurement speed compared to 4 port instrument
◎ Easier
– Fully automated
– Simplifying setting by using Allion test fixture
◎ Better
– Consistent test quality without human error
– Mass production measurement is achievable

PCIe Cable Test Time Efficiency Comparison

During Server testing using PCIe 5.0 in 8 Lanes, it can be observed from the actual test time records in the figure below that the overall testing efficiency has been increased by 96%.

Additionally, it helps avoid the risk of human error in manually plugging and replacing cables, thus enhancing project testing efficiency and shortening product time-to-market. By utilizing Allion’s ACMS4 fully automated Solution, it accelerates overall efficiency in research, development, and manufacturing processes.

The Specifications and Applications for ACMS4

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