Smart TV Test Lab

According to IDC predictions, shipment for global smart home audiovisual entertainment products will reach 457.5 million in 5 years. Among them, smart TVs have the most complete functions and are convenient for wired or wireless internet connection. On top of that, newer smart TVs are generally equipped with voice control and support various IoT device applications, which make them the core products of the smart home ecosystem.

“Smart TVs” have provided us with diversified entertainment. But do you know about the extensive time and complex testing validations that are required for a smart TV to be designed, developed, and introduced to the market? If a serious flaw went by undetected at any point during the testing process, users will have a negative impression on the product, which may impact the brand’s reputation.

Allion has twenty years of TV validation experience. Through the accumulated big data analysis, we learned that smart TVs on the market generally have the following four issues:TV signal interference, video streaming instability, wireless signal interference, and voice control function abnormality.

Allion’s six major testing validations for smart TVs

Smart TVs have gradually become the center of home entertainment. By connecting to the internet, immediate streaming and connection to other IoT devices are possible, thereby creating a complete smart home ecosystem. By integrating two decades of experience in TV inspection techniques, Allion can provide in-depth analysis, suggestion, and testing validation at any point in the process to increase your product’s market competitiveness.

We can provide corresponding assistance for your smart TV at different stages of product development.

Test Service

1. Logo Certification
With the authorization of multiple associations worldwide, Allion offers you tens of logo certification services to shorten your testing duration and give your products a head-start on the market.(Note 1)

The one-stop logo certification service shortens your product launching process.
(Note 1)We can also help youobtain the HDR certification for your products. For details, please see: Allion’s HDR Laboratory
2. Complete Television Signal Database
Allion is fully-devoted to the testing validation industry and has the world’s most complete TV signal database. Apart from providing our consumers with the newest TV signals from our frequently and regularly updated database, we are also equipped with a central signal generating system that is able to dispatch global TV broadcasting signals and digital images. It can test if the signals are operating under specific environments.
We have the most complete TV signal database in the world, allowing you to never have to take pieces of equipment around the globe to conduct field tests.
3. Well-established VPN Network System
In addition to different TV signals, vendors from different nations also work with different media channels to establish built-in localized video streaming APPs in the smart TVs. By constructing a complete VPN connection, Allion is able to break the limit of space and simulate internet environments for different countries to quickly discover common connection issues such as being unable to log into the APP, delayed online video streaming, etc.
Our multi-nation VPN connection system assists you in testing audiovisual streaming platforms for all corners of the world.
4. RF Validation Testing
When used in the same environment as other IoT devices, smart TVs may be susceptible to the interference of the various radio waves from the devices, leading to screen delays, interruptions, etc.
Allion built an RF Test Lab at all costs to perform step-by-step testing from the antenna, the module, to the end product by using diverse wireless communication technologies to discover the source of interference and help to improve noise issues and speed up your product launching process.

For details, please see: Allion’s RF Test Laboratory

Antenna Module System
Return Loss, VSWR
Power Accuracy
Radiation Pattern
Radiation Efficiency
RvR (Throughput)
Frequency Offset
Spectrum Mask
5. Voice Assistant Sound Control Testing
Built-in voice assistants in smart TVs are quite often unable to accurately perform tasks due to the interference of sound in the environment. Allion provides professional Acoustic Test Chamber which is able to control sound interference conditions and simulate user scenario. Through effective validation methods, we are able to spot the fundamental cause for low voice recognition success rates and further enhance the overall user experience.

For details, please see: Allion’s Acoustics Validation Laboratory

6. Interoperability Testing
As we enter the age of IoT, perfect interoperability between products cannot be fully ensured even if a product passes the basic function validations. In response to this, Allion has constructed a well-rounded Interoperability Test Center with the goal of helping your smart TV work smoothly with other hardware and software on the market. This will greatly reduce product return rates on the market as well as negative consumer experiences.

For more details, please see: Allion’s Interconnectivity Testing Center


Overview of Professional Testing Instruments

Besides the above-mentioned testing validations, we own the industry’s most complete instruments for testing smart TVs which can perform comprehensive professional testing and analysis based on your product’s features.

Test Item Equipment
  • 360° TV Antenna
MaxView Omnimax
  • Analog TV Signal Generator
FLUKE 54200 Pattern Generator
  • Digital TV Signal Generator
  • Spectrum
Anritsu MS8911B
  • SAS Raid
NI 8264
  • Signal Attenuator
Tamagawa TRA-108
  • Protocol Analyzer for HDMI Testing
  • TS Analysis
  • TV RF Analysis
R&S EFL 340
  • TV RF Generator
Dektec DTA-107S2
  • TV RF Player
NI PXIe 5673
  • TV RF Recorder
  • TV Stream Player
DekTec DTU315-SP
DekTec DTU315-GOLD
  • Video Signal Generator