Software Validation Test Lab

A software’s user experience can have direct impact on consumer satisfaction. Allion’s software validation program validates software functionalities based on industry ecosystem and the system device’s attributes; to ensure the software program’s application and usability are close to actual user requirements.


The Importance of Software Testing

Smoothness and usability of software operation can directly affect consumers’ satisfaction. In response to the increasing diversity of the design of software and user interface, Allion’s software validation will base on the different industry ecosystem and system device’s attributes, to help our consumers find out software issues and validate the software’s interoperability, stability, security, and functionality, assuring our consumers that their product’s software applications and usability meet users expectations.

Why do you need Allion?

In the era of IoT, software applications are no longer pure system interface. In fact, it is used in more complex cloud ecosystem, including host- and client-end operations. Allion has more than 20 years of IT testing capability. With our newly implemented AI Robotic Testing, IoT service, and professional software development team, we assist consumers who have limited resources in validating the software completeness.

1. Find out the crux of software issue through third party testing

2. Comprehensive software validation

Our software validations include various testing scope, testing indicators, and validation planning during the product development stage.

3. 20,000+ system devices, integrating rich and diverse databases from various places and markets

Software and hardware interoperability issues have been in existence for a long time. Allion purchases devices regularly, with over 20,000 devices that span across five continents, and is able to provide interoperability testing service targeting your products’ software and hardware integration, and software development.

4. Onsite testing, validate software’s actual performance capability

We provide software program’s user scenario testing. Through real-world scenarios, we simulate software usage behavior and validate actual software performance capabilities.

Testing Target

Various types of application software: cell phone App, cell phone games, PC applications, game applications, etc. Various kinds of products, operating software for the system: smart TV, smart speaker, wearable device, AR/VR device, etc. Web applications, website: Various types of UI, functionality, user experience, language, and performance testing, together with a web-based proxy to provide detailed testing results

The Importance of Software Testing

  1. White-box Testing

White-box testing is also known as Glass Box Testing. Unlike black-box testing which validates the software’s functionalities, it tests the application’s internal structure and operation. Allion’s professional software team has various programing language capabilities and is able to design test cases from the developer’s point of view, ensuring all test routes can be analyzed and executed, so as to provide feedback for optimization of developer’s program codes.

Software debugging tools & technologies

For white-box testing, Allion also provides customized software debugging tool and professional technical service.

   2. Black-box Testing


Black-box testing is also known as functional testing. Unlike white-box testing which validates software’s internal structure and operation, it carries out testing on user interface and function from the consumer’s perspective. Allion’s professional software team is able to design test cases from user’s point of view, ensuring system function is designed according to specification and comply with the objective of the software.

   3. AI Robotic Software Testing 

In response to the rapid development of AI and IoT ecosystem, Allion’s AI robotic software testing integrates deep learning, visual recognition, automation, data collection, and analysis, to customize the design for consumers, and optimize software testing process. Replacing traditional manual testing, automation reproduces massive and repetitive validation steps, and provides consumers with reliable and accurate test results qualitatively and quantitatively, thus satisfying consumers’ requirements of pursuing high-quality products and shortening time to launch to markets.

 4. UX/User Experience Optimization

Technologies are based on human nature. Allion’s UX/User experience optimization service designs a series of human-machine interaction test procedures for the product attributes. We carefully select testees that fit the product’s target and carry out software operation through real-life user scenarios. Lastly, we analyze the users’ behavior and their satisfaction, to provide a reference for vendors in optimizing their software design.