Interoperability Test Center

The objective of interoperability test is to make sure our vendors’ products can work harmoniously with different brands’ in the market.

Could Connected Problems in Smart Device Ecosystems be Solved?

As Machine to Machine (M2M) and IoT (Internet of Things) technology thrives, there are also some underlying issues that need to be solved. An IoT device passing functionality and performance testing don’t mean that it will be interoperable with other connected devices in the ecosystem…

Why is the interoperability test crucial?

The increasing interoperability issues associated with a growing number of connected devices, which may deteriorate user’s experiences and further destroy the company’s brand reputation and business. Ensuring your device can connect with various devices is important. Allion thus provides the most efficient interoperability testing plans to assure your product perfectly works with the most popular products in the market.

Why choose Allion ?

Allion Interoperability Services

Allion’s Validation Services

USB Device Interoperability Testing

Apple Third-Party Peripheral Test Lab

Software Interoperability Testing

Display Device Interoperability Testing

Wireless Device Interoperability Testing

Cable and Connector / Dongle Interoperability Testing

Mobile phone Interoperability Testing

Storage Interoperability Testing

Connected Car Interoperability Testing

Other services

  1. Certificate for Interoperability Testing
  2. Debugging services – Finding the root causes of issues based on our accumulated experiences by utilizing the equipment for communication protocol and signal analysis
  3. Regression Testing – Providing solutions during the verification process, such as firmware/software updates or any other issues.
  4. Customer Compliant Service Support – assisting vendors in solving after-sales service problems, such as identifying customer complaint issues

Global IoT Device Center  

Considering the fast turnover rate for consumer electronics, Allion constantly collects mainstream devices from different markets into our test bed pool cataloging over 10 thousand devices. Our global IoT device center aims to help your products interoperates with most popular products in your target markets.  

Interoperability Issue Case Study
Bluetooth Interoperability Issue
Based on Allion’s issue tracking system analysis, connectivity issues account for 70% of Bluetooth interoperability issues. Products featuring second-tier SoC with 40% of market share contribute most interoperability issues.

Common Functionality Issue:
Issue 1-The available Bluetooth device name found incorrect on the mobile: the communication issue easily happens when the mobile is first paired with the Bluetooth device, and this  may confuse and dissatisfy your users.

Issue 2- Disconnectivity after Pairing: According to our solid testing experiences, SoC embedded in the device may cause interoperability issues among devices.