AI Robotic Testing Lab

With the rapid development of AI and IoT ecosystem, we need smarter testing services. Allion’s AI Robotic Testing Lab integrates deep learning, visual recognition, automation, data collection and analysis to provide consumers tailored smart testing services.

Most testing requires repeated validation and analysis, but testing conducted manually are often time-consuming. If manufacturers rush to launch their products and fail to detect the product’s serious flaw, it could bring negative emotion to users or even damage the brand.

Allion takes the lead in implementing AI and automation and is one of the first test labs to build AI Robotic Testing to assist consumers in designing and developing smart and effective test validation process. This next-generational AI Robotic Testing can satisfy your consumers’ needs of improving product quality and shortening the time to launch their products to the market.

Allion’s AI Robotic Testing: Reliable, Quantifiable, Reproducible

Allion starts from process optimization and incorporates AI-driven technologies to create an innovative testing methodology, which increases the standard of automated testing, resolves issues that could not be solved by typical validation technologies.

To achieve the best test quality, Allion’s AI robotic testing integrates robotic arms, arduino cars, and visual recognition system to ensure the tests are conducted in a consistent and reproducible manner, and thereby controlling the variables in tests, so that testing quality becomes more stable, time efficiency can be increased, and accurate key quality risk issues can be reproduced.

Big data analysis makes testing smarter

Allion’s AI Robotic Testing Lab is not only capable of simulating and repeating execution of all kinds of tests, but also capable of recording and collecting information on various types of user behaviors and making use of deep learning, visual recognition and voice recognition for analysis and validation. It can thereby expand our test database, carry out analysis on the massive test data collected over the past 20 years, and find the most critical test problem, thus making testing easier and smarter.

From validation to the application, Allion’s AI Robotic Test Lab opens a new era of testing solutions

In the era of IoT, all kinds of product testing will extend from traditional validations to practical application testing, which is closer to our users. Allion’s AI Robotic Testing Lab integrates AI-driven technologies and big data analysis to carry out data collection and analysis on wireless signal quality, sensor quality and user scenario, and all products in the ecosystem. Allion strives to create a brand new era of testing services.