As the leading program of energy efficiency certification, ENERGY STAR® Program is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products. The program is created in 1992 by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) helping us with reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gases caused by power plants through energy efficient products and practices.

Nowadays, the program certification coverage includes more than 30 different categories. Products that apply for ENERGY STAR® Program at first are mainly information electronics products like computers and later on it extends to peripherals, lightning products, home electronics, buildings and other products. This is a voluntary labeling program, however, it’s mandatory that U.S. federal government has to select and use ENERGY STAR® certified products. Companies that voluntarily apply for this program and pass the certification can label ENERGY STAR® logo on their qualified products.

ENERGY STAR® Program has been amended by the program driving force, U.S. EPA and U.S. DoE. Since 2011, companies applying for ENERGY STAR® logo must provide qualified reports, which are tested and certified by accredited laboratory, to EPA-recognized Certification Body (CB) for verification.

With the prevalence of eco-conscious, not only does the U.S. federal government have to choose products that are ENERGY STAR® certified, but more and more families or business are willing to use ENERGY STAR® certified products to protect the environment and save energy. Since then, U.S.A., Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and the European Union have adopted the program. Nowadays many International companies and manufacturers abroad as well as at home consider ENERGY STAR® logo a must before their products go into market.

Recently, Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) has been recognized by U.S. EPA as the accredited laboratory of ENERGY STAR® Program. Allion is able to provide ENERGY STAR® Program service for Computers, TVs, and Display Products to assure the spec conformance of ENERGY STAR requirement. Our service coverage includes but not limited to power supply, power management and energy efficiency of different categories under various operating modes. 

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