USB-C has now become mainstream and replaced many interfaces on the market today. It has the potential to unify all the transmission interfaces for consumer electronics. Its four most important features include establishing connection regardless of direction, supplying power, transmitting data, and transmitting images. These four applications can be creatively utilized for various products.

For manufacturers, a key factor to consider during product design is the cost. This means not every feature USB-C provides will be introduced in products and devices that support USB-C. This can lead to a drop in expectations when consumers make a purchase. In some cases, images cannot be successfully displayed through USB-C. As USB-C may look like the next best thing, it also faces plenty of potential risks and challenges in product design. In this article, Allion will focus on discussing the common issues and solutions for USB-C to HDMI products.

USB-C Configurations

The Two Most Common Issues of USB-C to HDMI

Issue 1: The USB-C port on the source end supports data and image transmission but fails to do so.

When a pop-up notification shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen, the issue could be that the DisplayPort Alternative Mode is failing to communicate, resulting in the system switching to Alternative Mode.

Are consumers doomed to keep encountering this issue? Allion’s USB-C to Protocol Converter Alt Mode testing service can solve this problem.

Issue 2: When the computer doesn’t show a pop-up window, then turns into a black screen.

This issue may be caused by the exchange of EDID information between the HDMI terminal and the display terminal, resulting in no display output. With Allion’s USB-C to HDMI EDID testing service, it’s possible to avoid this issue even after consumers purchase the product. It’s time to say goodbye to your consumers’ headaches!

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