On January 9, 2024, BUFFALO Inc, and MediaTek Incorporated and Allion Labs announced that WXR18000BE10P router has received Wi-Fi 7 certification, making it part of the first wave of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ products. This achievement marks a groundbreaking development in wireless communication and Wi-Fi 7 certification.

Figure: BUFFALO WXR18000BE10P Router Obtains Wi-Fi 7 Certification (Source: BUFFALO)

Wi-Fi 7, a standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, utilizes the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands and supports a maximum 320 MHz channel bandwidth on the 6 GHz band—twice that of Wi-Fi 6. It also provides Multi-Link Operation (MLO) to enhance transmission rates and reduce latency in use cases like AR/VR/XR and cloud computing. With 4K QAM, it allows for high transmission rates. As Wi-Fi standards continue to evolve faster and become more complex, the testing items and times required for certification have significantly increased. Allion provides accredited Wi-Fi testing services compliant with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ Program standards and assists clients in achieving certification in a short time with state-of-the-art testing equipment and professional expertise.

“BUFFALO has been a leading global provider of networking products and service solutions in Japan for 24 years, constantly adapting the latest technology. “ said Nobuhiro Tamura, Director of BUFFALO.” With the Wi-Fi 7 revolution, we have presented our new product and successfully achieved Wi-Fi 7 certification with the support of Allion. BUFFALO will continue to develop products that ensure an optimized experience and user confidence in Wi-Fi 7 technology.”

“With years of wireless expertise and experience, we are thrilled to assist clients in enhancing their product competitiveness in the rapidly changing market.” said Hideaki Nakayama, President and Representative Director of Allion Japan “Allion not only assists clients in obtaining wireless certifications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TR-398, ZETA but also provides comprehensive consulting services and solutions, including antenna design, wireless performance verification, and field testing and simulation tailored to various ecosystems, ensuring optimal performance of client products in use. To deliver a better customer experience, we will make the most of our efforts to provide high value to our clients.”

To learn more about Wi-Fi certification or network product verification and consulting solutions, please contact Allion.

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