CastleNet Technology Inc. (CastleNet) has recently achieved the OpenSync 5.4 certification for its EBM562-X30 router. The certification encompasses Firmware Release Validation, Customer Experience Testing, and Security Testing. This milestone marks CastleNet’s EBM562-X30 routers are confirmed to meet the international standards, affirming their performance and safety in modern network environments. In addition, the EBM562-X30 router has also been approved by telecom companies, meeting the network performance requirements, and emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing seamless integration, exceptional performance, and reliability in network solutions for home users or enterprise clients.

CastleNet's EBM562-X30 Router
CastleNet’s EBM562-X30 Router

The certification testing was performed by Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion). Based on its industry-leading expertise, Allion is the ideal testing partner for design development, production management, and compliance certifications. Allion assists CastleNet in conducting extensive assessments to verify the function, user experience, and safety according to the OpenSync specifications. Allion is very honored to witness the listing and success of the router. As an Authorized Test Laboratory for OpenSyncTM certification, Allion is committed to providing global manufacturers with HomePass and WorkPass certification testing for both Gateway and Extender devices, including wireless and CPE devices.

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