USB-C has been widely used in the electronics industry, and most new products and systems adopt this interface standard. Monitors in the market today mainly support DisplayPort or HDMI interfaces, so USB-C adapters and cables are now often used. These cables are one of the most commonly used products for consumers. Therefore, product quality for brands and distributors is becoming even more crucial.

Potential Risks and Solutions for USB-C to DisplayPort Cables

Based on decades of testing experience, we collected a large amount of user feedback about the most common issues for USB-C to DisplayPort Cables. The results can be summarized as compatibility, functionality, and display issues. The most intolerable issue for users was found to be monitors not being able to display normally when connected to a computer. This problem usually has nothing to do with the monitor or the computer. The USB-C to DisplayPort cable is often the main culprit that causes problems for users.

Through this observation, Allion designed fixtures that allow us to test the Aux and HPD signals of the USB-C to DisplayPort cables, along with the conversion process between HPD signals and HPD over PD. This can solve the issue of monitors being unable to connect with the computers. With our fixture designs, we can help designers find and solve issues early in the process, reducing the risk of product returns.

Faster, Easier, Better: Customized Consulting Service for Cables

As a professional testing and consulting company, Allion not only designs and builds test fixtures, but we also utilize our decades of experience to conduct customized testing for various clients, providing them with the best service we can.

With plenty of experience, Allion designs customized testing plans for USB-C to DisplayPort products, providing the best consulting services for our clients and helping them eliminate issues they may encounter. This ultimately reduces the possibility of users returning their purchased products.

  • Compatibility Test
  • Functionality Test
  • User Experience Test
  • Competitive Analysis and Consulting
  • Cable Connector Test
  • VESA DisplayPort Certification Test


With our rich testing experience and collection of testing equipment, we can provide clients with fast and accurate certification planning that effectively shortens the certification schedule and helps clients quickly obtain DisplayPort certification. Allion is a DisplayPort official certification laboratory authorized. We also have a complete range of DisplayPort testing equipment that can ensure compatibility amongst different kinds of DisplayPort products, helping you with your quality control along the way.

  • Our decades of experience and a full range of testing equipment allow us to quickly design verification plans for our clients.
  • Quickly obtain logo certification (DisplayPort)


Allion has a complete range of DisplayPort hardware certification testing equipment and testing environments. With our testing solutions, we can ensure each client’s certification process is qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible. Through Allion’s professional issue isolation and debugging support, we can assist our clients in obtaining accurate test results easily, ensuring the quality and performance of their products.

  • More accurate test results
  • Provides professional issue isolation and debugging support for our clients to make product development more convenient.


Not only does Allion have professional teams with decades of experience, but we also know how to design quantitative tests and user scenario simulations, allowing our clients to comply with requirements and user expectations. Allion’s professional teams can also provide suggestions for product modifications, assist with supplier management, and help with specifications requirements from international associations during product development. This further enhances the quality of our client’s products, ensuring high standards that comply with international specification requirements.

  • Provides a better and more complete experience for brands to establish ODM ecosystem plans
  • Provides more complete user scenario testing solutions


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