Allion Wireless Equipment (AWE) Solution

AWE(Allion Wireless Equipment) Solution is a test platform for measuring key wireless performance metrics, providing the most reliable and efficient wireless performance testing to improve your product’s competitiveness.

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Many wireless products require wireless performance testing in the anechoic chamber during development and production process. As Wi-Fi specifications continue to evolve and applications diversify, product development cycles are accelerated and testing complexity is also increasing. However, traditional general-purpose anechoic chambers can lack the equipment necessary for critical performance tests, the ability to control for environmental variables, or automated test software. Without these capabilities, testing will be inefficient.

For key wireless performance indicators, Allion has developed and designed the AWE solution. Compared with traditional anechoic chambers, AWE uses small shielding boxes and attenuator to simulate the distance and environmental variables to meet the variables required for various simulated performance tests. It is easy to reproduce consistent test results, which is conducive to debugging and analyzing problems. In addition, it is easy to control the path switching between boxes through the automation software. It shortens the environment set-up time and allows you to perform tests with less effort.

AWE has options available based on your demands, including DUT as Station (e.g. Laptop, Mobile), Mesh AP Roaming Test and Wi-Fi 7 test can be enabled with swappable Wi-Fi 7 modules.

Still using anechoic chambers to do wireless performance testing?

Take the wireless performance test in Mbps unit as an example, the differences between traditional anechoic chamber and our AWE solution are as below.

AWE Topology and Product Information

8 Features

As a test lab accredited by major wireless communication associations and with rich experience in Wi-Fi performance testing, Allion understands the difficulties that test engineers encounter when operating the machine and the small details that should be paid attention to in wireless testing. Therefore, compared with all kinds of wireless performance testing machines in the market, the AWE is more convenient to use and close to the needs.

1. Developed by BBF Certified Lab

As a Broadband Forum Authorized Test Lab, the AWE designed by Allion is not only available for TR-398 Issue 2 Corrigendum 1 Certification, but also do the related testing(e.g. RvR, RvRvO, Multi Client Handle Capability, etc.)  for key performance indicators.

2. Stackable design for flexible space adjustment

AWE adopts the stacking design, which is small in size and easy to set up, with great flexibility in space adjustment.

3. Wi-Fi 6E Support

AWE is capable of Wi-Fi 6E GHz performance testing. The modular design supports flexible adjustment of test conditions and test scripts to perform Wi-Fi functionality, stability, and performance validation for specific client needs.

4. Circular Antenna Design for greater flexibility in placing DUTs

We have developed specially designed circular antennas to solve the common DUT placement dead spot problem; which not only makes the space available in the AUPT box larger, but it also reduces measurement errors caused by APUT placement.

5. The APUT box equipped with a camera, easy to monitor the condition of the case in real time

The APUT Box is equipped with a camera, which can confirm the test results from different angles on the platform, so that the performance weak angle of the product can be immediately grasped. In addition, it can also monitor whether there is any stranding condition during the test process, so that the test can be stopped immediately.

6. System pathloss are carefully calculated and validated  to ensure consistency of measured test results.

In order to overcome the complexity of RF path switching and the difficulty of setting up multi-antenna hardware, Allion has designed the Switch Box to minimize the difficulty of path switching between boxes, and the antenna path is automatically switched by the software program according to the conditions required by different test items.

In addition, all the lines between the boxes have passed the loss verification, and the software will automatically compensate for the attenuation of different test items to ensure the consistency of the test results.

7. 32 Wi-Fi 6E STATION perfectly integrated in a controlled-environment box

The 32 Wi-Fi 6E STATIONs are perfect in terms of heat dissipation, and the each single unit is easy to hold and maintain, and the actual STATION test can get the most realistic APUT performance results. In addition, the rear maintenance door is specially designed to enhance the convenience of maintenance.

8. Developed and designed by professional laboratories, guaranteed test quality.

Allion quality professionals make sure products undergo rigorous validations, verifications, and debugging, so you don’t have to, effectively reducing your equipment, testing, and debugging costs.

Regarding the specifications, please find more details by downloading the data sheet.

AWE Software

1. Easy-to-understand user interface simplifies test preparation and steps required for testing

Just check the items you want to test and press the Run button, then the test will be started immediately.

During the test, you can confirm the test situation immediately, and check the connection status of STATION and RSSI data clearly.

2. Automatically generated report for quick and easy test results

The report will be created automatically after the test and the test results are then immediately available to view.

3. Detailed log records help to speed up debugging

By reviewing the log records for the detailed testing process, you can quickly find out the possible causes of failure and debug immediately.

AWE Available Test Items

The AWE test suite automates the following tests.

AWE Purchasing Process


 Basic Function 

What is AWE?

Allion Wireless Equipment is designed for wireless testing needs.

Does AWE support TR-398?

Yes,AWE supports TR-398 Issue 2 Corrigendum 1 Specification.

Does AWE support Automation test?

Yes, the automation test tool was developed by Allion.

 Hard Specification 

What are the dimensions of the AWE? How much space is required for installation?

The Size for AWE is 1(W) x 0.8(D) x 2(H) m. Please find more details by downloading the data sheet.

Regarding the space requirement, we suggest 1.5(W) x 1.1(D) x 2.2(H) m.

How is the AWE shielding effect?
  • ~100dB @ 2.4/5GHz
  • ~ 95dB @ 6GHz
Ability to turn tables
  • Diameter:30cm
  • Load Capacity:< 10kg
  • Swivel Angle:360 degree
  • Speed:6 RPM
What is the function of each box?
APUT Box Place APUT in this box and it is equipped with turn table for spatial pattern test item. Built-in camera provides real time view of APUT box during test.
STA Box 32 real clients with intel AX210 wireless module inside of STA box provides the most realistic test scenario under the TR-398 spec.
Switch Box The switch box coordinates different RF paths dynamically between APUT, clients, alien box and test antennas to meet TR-398 test requirements.
Alien Box It is equipped with 4 sets of interference
antennas and lets users allocate Alien AP in the box to generate interference signal.

1×1 Client Box

Equipped with a special client (1×1 antenna) inside designed for test items that need 1SS antenna client.
Does AWE support Wi-Fi6E?

Yes, via Intel AX210.

Does AWE support upgrading to Wi-Fi 7?

Yes, changeable module designs. Test Suite Upgrades Available

If you have any requirements or consulting services, please feel free to submit inquiry or mail to us.