Smart Home ᅵ Environment Control System & Device

As world’s air gets worse, more and more people care about how to improve indoor air quality at home. Any kind of Environment Control systems (or Home Automation Devices) will be their first choices for improving living quality. For instance, a smart air purifier or a smart air conditioner will run the mode users have setup when monitoring the environment changes. These features absolutely make our lives easier and healthier, but new issues are also arising that make users feel disappointed.”

Allion will assist you with solving issues and guarantee your smart devices in the home ecosystem can be seamlessly connected, safe, and works as the environment changes.


What users expect for smart home safety

  • Home Automation when monitoring the environment changes
  • Easy-to-setup Devices or Systems
  • User-friendly Apps for remote monitoring 
  • Stable Wireless Connection
  • Seamless Compatibility / Interoperability between Devices
  • Improve Air Quality & Living Quality

Annoying problems that users may face

  • It takes users long time to setup the smart fan
  • The smart speaker CANNOT pair with the mobile via Bluetooth®
  • CANNOT install or uninstall the Environment Control APP
  • The home automation APP crashes randomly
  • CANNOT control electric devices on “AWAY HOME” Mode via the home automation APP
  • The quality sensor is dead after firmware update
  • The air purifier cannot be activated by a smart speaker or gateway
  • The air conditioner CANNOT be connected with the other smart devices caused by wireless interference

But don’t worry, we have solutions to these problems

A smart test for smart home integration

Unlike traditional test which used to focus only on the functionality of the product itself, we provide total validation in terms of the whole ecosystem:

Product to Product

Interoperability between APs and Devices

Product to User

Product functionality, App Compatibility, Scenario-based validation

Product to Environment

Interference Test

Comprehensive Test Solutions for Environment Control System

  • Ensure product quality by pinpointing potential risks and issues throughout productdevelopment phase
  • Provide high-quality proof for product marketing
  • Provide consultation on procurement of high-performing system for SI solutions
  • Ensure device and App compatibility, interoperability within the entire ecosystem
  • Conduct user-scenario simulations to test the devices

Our solutions are applicable to:

  • Environment Control System
  • Home Automation Device
  • Multi-function Gateway
  • Air Quality Sensor
  • Smart Speaker
  • White Goods with wireless module: smart humidifier, smart fan, smart conditioner, air purifier